Top 10 Best Summer Activities


Rage at Governor’s Ball

The Gov Ball line up is prime this year so get ready to soak up the sun and have a great time!

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Have a classy bike ride central park

Central park in the summer is something special. Enjoy the warmth and get some exercise with friends while having a great time.

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Party at the Billboard Music Festival

While Gov Ball is a great way to open summer, the Billboard music festival is a great way to close it. Hit up Jones beach and rock out to some fantastic music with your peeps.

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Win some prizes at Coney island

Enough said.

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Embrace nature with a hike!

Smell the grass!

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Discover an urban oasis- the High Line!

The High line might be cold in the winter, but it is perfect for the summer! Enjoy an outdoorsy atmosphere in the middle of the city and check out the beautiful views.

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Surfs Up! Catch some waves in Martha’s Vineyard!

We all like to vacation in Martha’s Vineyard, but next time you’re there check out the amazing surf.

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Reach new heights with ziplining at the adventure park!

Check out the adventure park in Bridgeport if you enjoy speed and heights.

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Hit up the Bryant park Monday movie nights– they’re free!

Enjoy the evening air in a chill environment.

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Channel your zen with some beach yoga

If you like yoga, beach yoga is definitely for you. Get your sweat on in the sun while enjoying the salty air.

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– Thaise Sudano and Ripley Goodwin, Staff Writers

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