Catching Up with SLS Softball’s Marissa Ruschil ’15!


What college do you currently attend?

Dickinson College in Carlisle Pennsylvania

What some of the differences between HS and college?

I have a roommate. It’s like also living in a box. You don’t realize how lucky you were until you get to college.

Does your roommate play sports?

No, she’s more into singing and theater. She’s from Beijing so she’s an international student.

You play softball and you’re the pitcher of the team, have you been training all year?

We start our season in the fall in September. According to Division III rules, we’re only allowed to practice for about a month in the fall. During that time, any Juniors who want to study abroad study abroad. Then, we can start February 1st real practices. In between spring break, we have captains practices. That’s mostly lifting and weight training. We start actual practices in our field house on February 1st. In March, we went to Florida this year about 30 minutes from ESPN. So the week before St. Luke’s was down there, I was there. Then, our season started and right when we got back we had six games that week. We play all double headers: Tuesday we’ll play a 5:00 and a 7:00, Thursday we’ll play sometimes, and then Saturday we’ll play 2 games too.  That’s until May, which is playoffs and then finals end around May 12th (which is my birthday).

How is your weight training different from St. Luke’s training?

It’s definitely more intense and when we come home from winter break we have a program we have to finish so that we’re ready when we get back. And I’m one of the pictures on the team so I have a pitching workout as well, in addition to that.

How did you do in your Spring Training games?

We had tough competition in Florida. In our conference right now we’re .500, (half of the games were won) which is similar to most of the teams in the conference. We win and lose one in every double header for some reason. Coach thinks that we’re doing well so it’s good. I’m a DP (a designated player) so I only hit for somebody. I’ll hit for one of the pitchers if I’m not pitching.

What is been the hardest workout you had to do?

We do these things called five seven five, which are basically suicides, but we do it seven times right before the halfway line of a volleyball court, actually a little past that. Then all the way to the end of the gym, but in between each sprint we do 5 situps or five push ups depending on what round it is. That is definitely the hardest workout we do in the winter time. You just have to keep pushing through with the team.

As an athlete academically do you have an easier time? Are you let out of some assignments because of sports commitments?

Not here at Dickinson because it’s division 3, academics come first. So if I have work I have to do my work. I can’t miss any tests. For some classes, like my chemistry class, if I miss a lab I fail the class. If I had a game that landed on a lab day, I can’t go to the game because academics come first.  Some teachers are easier than others, not necessarily easier, more forgiving than others, like my math professor she knows that I play softball. So, if I have to miss my math lab (we have math labs which are like packets that we do on Thursday afternoons) she understands that but I have to make it up at a different time. My elective chemistry class meets once a week for 3 hours in the afternoon. My analytical chemistry meets twice a week for an hour and 15 minutes each on Tuesday and Thursday and Wednesday afternoons we have a 4 hour lab.

That’s seems like such a busy schedule especially including practice?

Yeah, like, today I haven’t been back to my room since 9 a.m. I go directly from class to lab to practice to dinner and then to homework.

Describe your social group…

I’m mostly friends with the team, since we spend so much time together.  We do everything together so we’re like one big family. We have dinner every night together after practice and on weekends we hang out, especially when we have to drive to games. So I spend most of my time with them.  In the beginning of the year I went to pre-orientation so I have some girls from there I know.  I’ve some friends from my classes and will check our chemistry homework together. However, there’s really no time to be social because we’re practicing everyday except for Sundays. On Sundays, however, we have curfew before games and homework- there’s so much homework. It’s a big adjustment but once you get used to it’s easy (not easy but it’s manageable).

How has the St. Luke’s softball team affected you?

It definitely gave me confidence. It was something I always looked forward to and it was always the fun part of the year. Being with the girls and playing was something, I always looked forward to.

–Claire Wilson, Staff Writer

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