Catching up with SLS Softball’s Monika Gabriele ’15

To continue the series, this week I check in with Monika Gabriele.

What college do you attend?

I currently attend Dartmouth College in New Hampshire

Do you have a roommate?

I have two roommates.


What does your dorm look like?

My room is a two-room double with all our beds in the back room and the outside as our hangout room.


Do you spend a lot of time at the library?

I spend a little bit of time at the library.


What do you think some of the differences between college and high school?

Freedom and time. I have so much of it but then none of it. It’s the busiest schedule I’ve ever had in my life, I’m a lot busier now than I was in High School. I feel like a real person, I live a real life.


In your first week/month, what surprised you? How was the transition?

It went great. I was so sure that I would get here and people would say “she is a loser, you will not have friends.” But then plot twist: everyone is so friendly and everybody wants to be my friend, so many friends, so easy to make friends. I thought I’d literally walk into a room and people would run away, but they were like “hi what’s your name?”.


What does your class schedule look like?

I only take 3 classes but these are hard classes. I have class at 8:45. I have two classes Monday Wednesday and Friday. They go until 11. On Tuesday and Thursday I have 2 hours and then Wednesday nights I have a bio lab for 4 hours and then Thursday nights I have a physics lab for 3 hours. Then Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, I have work from 1-4 at my job.


Where do you work?

I am the student director for public relations at the center for community service. [I am responsible for] making posters, taking photos, posting on Facebook, and being a liaison to the community.


Have you decided your major yet?

I’m a biochem major with a religion minor. I’m also pre-health but that’s not a major so I’m taking the pre-health classes on top of my other ones.


Are you taking any religion classes?

I took Intro to Religion during fall term and intro to Judaism during winter term.


As a person who goes to an Ivy league school, do you feel ill equipped for the level of learning or inferior to other students?

I feel like everyone here feels like they’re the dumbest kid in class. Everybody’s actually very smart. I think one thing that’s different is honestly I feel less competition than at St. Luke’s. Not that you don’t care how other people do but you don’t care if other people did better than you. Nobody really share grades and brags about them. That just isn’t a thing.


What is your exam/test schedule?

Dartmouth is sort of weird because it’s trimesters and there’s only 10 weeks in a term, so most schools have one round of midterms, but at Dartmouth you usually have two to three midterms in a term. So every 2 or 3 weeks you have a midterm in your class. It’s a lot. Also, since it is 10 weeks we cover the same amount of material as the semester would. If someone was taking physics 1 they would cover it at a normal college over 15 weeks, but at Dartmouth you cover it in 10 weeks. My physics class has a midterm every week, which is not really a mid term.


Are there sororities at Dartmouth?

Yes, Greek life is big here. You don’t rush until you’re a sophomore, though, so I’m not even thinking about it yet.


Do you know anyone in a sorority?

Most of the girls are in a sorority. Most people are involved in Greek life. Everyone thinks that Dartmouth is this crazy Greek party school, but it’s not. It’s so inclusive. The frat guys are nice.


Social Life

Who is in your group of friends?

Good group of friends, found them early. Everyone says that your freshman first week friends are not your friends, but they were my friends. It’s like both my roommates and some other girls from my floor and other girls they knew, guys on my floor and guys that they knew.


Are there a lot of sporting events that you go to?

Yeah we’re going to a Rugby game this weekend. Hockey season was really fun and football as well. We go to a lot of sporting events. They’re very fun.


Is Dartmouth good at any sports?

[Great] at hockey.


What is your average day like?

This morning I woke up and had quiet time. I went to my class then I went to my other class and I went to the gym then I went home and took a shower. After, I went to the library and did homework and then I met friends for dinner. Then I went to my lab and finally, talked [to you]. After, I am going to do homework.


How much homework do you have tonight?

I work for 3 hours this afternoon and I will probably work for 3 hours tonight.


Are the tests in college similar to the format you would have taken in high school?

Yeah, they just count for me because your midterm and final are your grade for the class. There’s no such thing as class participation. There’s no curves. So, if everybody got a 40 on something that’s your grade. At Dartmouth, an A- is a really good grade.


What do you miss about St. Luke’s?

I miss knowing every single person and the community. Not that I don’t have a community here I just miss having a community that really felt like a family to me. It was a very special community.


What do you miss about the softball team?

I missed [Ali] Trager, but I also miss the younger girls because you guys were all so hyped on life. I miss you guys looking up to us, but we were just scraping along. It was so cute. I miss the fam. It was fun. I miss being on an athletic team.


Are you playing any sports right now?

I just go to the gym.


How has softball affected you?

Softball was a workout but I always hated working out with a group. Such as, I would never run in a group. However, now I go to the gym with my roommates and it’s really fun. I miss being on a team and doing 100 sit ups together and being like “we’re all on a team”.


Claire Wilson, Staff Writer


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