An Interview with a French Exchange Student

For the past week, 15 students from Paris have been staying with St. Luke’s families and visiting various classes here on the hilltop. The Sentinel decided to sit down with one of the French exchange students, Emma, to get an idea of her thoughts on the trip so far.

What are the major differences between St. Luke’s and your school?

At St. Luke’s, the teachers are very friendly and not strict at all. My school is very strict, the teachers are not so easy going, and there is so much work. Here, there are a lot of activities after school. We don’t have any time to do activities or hang out during the week. At St. Luke’s, students are very free – free periods, going to the bathroom during class, going outside. Your school ends very early in the afternoon. My school ends very late (6:00pm). Also you only have 10-15 students in a class. And it’s cool that you can work on computers and everything is technology based.


Is there anything here that you find strange?

Milk. I don’t like the milk here. It doesn’t taste like the milk in France (maybe it’s just Flik milk).

Also the beds. In France, usually our mattresses are lower to the ground.


What are the major differences between Connecticut and Paris?

In Paris, we walk everywhere or take the subway. Here, you have to drive. Also in Paris, there is a lot of people and everything is very busy. Paris is like NYC with a lot of tourists. The first thing I noticed was the big houses in America. Also, the houses are very decorated. In Paris it’s more minimal and simple – a lot of color here. A lot of people have pets here. Here it’s like the countryside.

–Isabelle Stone, Staff Writer 

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