April Horoscopes


Aries- March 21- April 19

Remember to floss this month! hineseavities are in your future!


Taurus- April 20- May 20

Connect back to your roots and hug your mom. She misses you.


Gemini- May 21- June 20

You will meet someone famous this month.


Cancer- June 21- July 22

Start a new snapchat streak with the first person who comes up under ‘t’


Leo -July 23- August 23

Get a job and if you already have one, stop talking about it. We get it, you’re a cashier.


Virgo -August 24- September 22

Invest in more pencils. It will fix your problems.


Libra -September 23- October 22

Stay away from Chinese Food.


Scorpio –October 23- November 21

Go for a walk in nature! You’re looking a little pale.


Sagittarius –November 22- December 21

Your fantasy baseball team will fail miserably. Better luck next week!


Capricorn- December 22- January 19

Start something new. You’re getting a bit boring.


Aquarius –January 20- February 18

Beware of the number 2.


Pisces –February 19- March 20

Wear as much orange as you can this month and you will meet the love of your life.

–Ripley Goodwyn and Claire Wilson, Staff Writers 

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