COLETTE JURAN, Beautiful and Fantastic Sentinel Writer Wins Big

Who is this girl? You may have seen her wandering the halls, perhaps from the library carrying too many textbooks. Despite her air of mystery, this girl, the esteemed and world-renowned COLETTE JURAN, is one of Sentinel’s most prolific and talented writers. Says Henry Vehslage, Editor in Chief of Sentinel, “COLETTE JURAN is a superstar.”

On January, 29 in Year of Our Lord two-thousand and sixteen, Scholastic Corporation released the winners for its regional Arts and Writing awards. Our very own, COLETTE JURAN, swept the competition. In total, COLETTE JURAN won a total 10 awards: five Honorable Mentions, two Silver Keys, and three Gold Keys. Other head editor, and slightly lesser twin, Bailey Vehslage says, “Way to go, Sport!”

Way to go, COLETTE JURAN! We love you and support everything you do!

-Natalie Bachman, Staff Writer

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