Unplugged Day

Wednesday, December 9th marks the second annual SLS Unplugged day. The goal of this day is to give students and faculty an opportunity to learn and teach without technology. Students and faculty are encouraged to leave all electronic devices at home, and if some choose to bring them to school, the devices will be collected during advisory. This ensures the entirety of the day will not involve any technological devices.

Some may remember Unplugged Day from last year as the first year anniversary approaches on December 12th. This was the test run for the St. Luke’s community to grasp the concept of what it really means to be “unplugged”. Although the day was a success in the sense that no technology was used by students or teachers, it failed to be a productive work day. As a result of the day being placed on a half day, a week before Christmas break, and a Friday, students and teachers alike seemed to lack the desire to find creative and innovative ways to continue school without technology.


Sophomore Molly Tierney remembers the day last year, “It was almost as if all of the classes were cut short, because we didn’t have access to all the resources. Teachers would dismiss classes early, making the day somewhat of a waste.” Students and faculty can agree that last year’s Unplugged Day was not as effective as was hoped.


This year’s Unplugged Day promises to be more effective. Teachers and students are encouraged to take notes by hand, present lectures without smart boards, have open class discussions, and build upon communication skills in person. Mr. Strothenke delivered his message to the Upper School during town meeting. He spoke: “I understand last year was somewhat unproductive due to the half day and adjusting to the idea of no technology. This year however, I hope that the community will use this day to their benefit and learn to take a break from technology.” This positive viewpoint is inspiring to the community to branch out from technology norms and try new things.
In this day and age, technology surrounds us, and to turn away from it will certainly be an interesting experiment to see how truly self reliant we as a community are on our electronics. The purpose of Unplugged Day is not only to get students and faculty to take a break from the computers, but to also to know how to navigate the world without being dependent upon devices. It will be fascinating to see how this day turns out for the St. Luke’s community.


–Sophia Feldman, Staff Writer

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