Adele’s ‘25’ Thoughts and Feelings

Hello. Haha get it? We are going to start this review by stating that Adele’s voice is unparalleled; there’s nothing more majestic. She’s the best of the best – she’s Adele. If you don’t agree with us, you’re wrong. We would review the whole Adele album but we’ve only listened to one song, ‘Hello’, so we’re going to stick with that. If you haven’t watched the music video yet, it’s intense. The video starts off with a severe close-up of the goddess herself, eyes closed, obviously in deep thought.

Right when you think you can keep it together, her magnificent eyes open as the song begins. The song starts off soft with a slight build in tension. Then, out of nowhere, Adele punches you right in the heart with a powerful and emotional chorus. It was at this time that we had to pause the video and collect ourselves, as she had taken everything that was buried deep inside of us and exploded it out of our bodies.Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 3.57.16 PM

Classic Adele!

Throughout the video there is an unknown man who seems to have somehow managed to capture Adele’s sacred heart. We envy him. We didn’t know how to interpret the song since we cried too much to focus on its meaning. However, at the end of the video it seems as though Adele and the mysterious man breakup. Yes! It may be sad for Adele and her fans, but secretly, we are ecstatic that she’s back on the market.

We would say this song was an emotional roller-coaster, but in reality, it was an emotional elevator. The more we watched, the more violently we cried. Overall, we give this song a 25/10. Well done Adele, you sensual pop queen. We love you. So much. 

–Justin Donald Miller, Staff Writer; Andrew Joseph Washer, Staff Writer 

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