9th Grade Cell-ebration!

It’s that time of the year again, and the 9th graders Cell-ebration is in full swing! Dr.Higgins science room is covered head to toe in pipe cleaners, steamers, and an assortment of random materials, that all make up a cell! This life-sized model is a working cell blown up so the students can walk around it, and see how it functions! This project, created by Dr.Higgins, not only teaches the students about each part of the cell, but allows them to work in teams to become an expert on their assigned organelle! Dr.Higgins says, “This is the 10th year I have done it and I just wanted a different, eventful, creative and fun way to teach the cell.”

Since he arrived here in 2013, 9th graders in his biology class have gotten to take this project head on. Bridget Dalton(‘18) who did the project last year said,“it was a better way to learn how the cell works! It was way more fun than sitting down and watching someone lecture.” This Friday, the room will be in full force as a functioning cell! Cell facts have already been spread around the school, including that we inherit our mitochondrial from our mothers!

The impact of this project reaches far beyond St.Luke’s! Other teachers who have heard of this project have attempted their own Cell-ebration. “Actually I was contacted by a teacher in North Carolina that had actually done their own celebration based on my design.” Says Dr.Higgins, “I was thrilled it was very cool to see that they were successful.” The project was also a way to bring together the entire grade, because it is not isolated to just one class. “It incorporates the entire 9th grade, so skill level is mixed, whether it is honors or regulars, it kinda levels the playing field,” says Dr.Higgins. Whether you are a science fan or not, the organelle filled room is definitely the place to be on November 20th! As Dr.Higgins puts it,“It’s experiential learning at its best!”

-Mary Zech, Arts Editor 

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