Come See Distracted!

The stigma surrounding mental illness is a problem that has gone largely unaddressed on the hilltop, but that will change this Friday with a production of Distracted. The play follows a young mother (Grace Cashman) dealing with the diagnosis of her 9-year old son, Jesse (Amelia Wyckoff), who has ADHD.


“You see the show through her eyes,” Cashman says of her character, who is nicknamed Mama, “And how she is trying to deal with her work life and family life and having a kid with ADHD. But she is incredibly positive and optimistic, she tries to put on a face that says ‘everything is okay’, but you see that kind of unravel over the course of the show.” When asked what she was most excited for the audience to see, she responded, “The underlying message of how much ADHD can affect people. It can cause a lot of stress, especially from the mom’s perspective. There are also a lot of other important ideas that other characters bring up.”


The final sentence couldn’t be more true. Distracted does not stop at ADHD in starting a dialogue about mental illness. Zoë Smith plays Natalie, the teenage girl who babysits Jesse who suffers from depression and bipolar disorder “She is at a bad point, and she babysits Jesse and grows close with his mom as a result,” Smith says, “I think that this play is important because people have this misconception about ADHD and other mental illnesses. This show is going to show [our community] that it’s not something that can just be ignored, that it’s actually a  big deal for some people.”
Without spoiling anything, the show is eye-opening, innovative, and unlike anything St. Luke’s has done before. Distracted runs for an hour and a half and will have two performances; Friday at 7, and Saturday at 7.  The rest of the cast includes Nick Jodka, Ryan Linneman, Ashley Parkinson, Sarah Powless, and Kate Stamoulis, with Kristin Beaumonte stage managing.


–Charlie Hobbs, (Staff Writer)


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