Meet the New Teachers: Ms Zimmerman

If you walk into Ms. Zimmerman’s classroom and find students working quietly at their desks, something is very wrong. She prefers a more interactive approach to education, and a typical physics class more closely resembles a rock concert than a place where 2-D Kinematics is the main topic of conversation. While the Rolling Stones or Led Zeppelin blast in the background, Zimmerman wanders the room, checking in with groups of students working together on practice problems. “What I was first considering coming to St. Luke’s, I had a very interesting discussion with Mr. Mitchell about taking an experimental approach to education. From then on, I was very excited about what St. Luke’s has to offer.”


IMG_4969Zimmerman graduated from Carleton College, a small liberal arts college located in backwoods Minnesota. She says that there’s a joke amongst physics majors that “you can tell the difference between a social physics major and an antisocial one based on whether they look at your feet or their own when they talk to you”. Her specialty was in optics and optofluidics (in English: the study of light, and how light and fluid interact with each other), and she was able to complete research on the subject during all four years of her education, a privilege typically reserved for upperclassmen and graduate students. “I really enjoyed the community that I found at Carleton,” she says fondly, “The physics department was very community driven.” Because of the school’s structure, students at Carleton were able to work closely in a collaborative environment, a process which she finds St. Luke’s closely mirrors. In fact, it’s part of what drew her to the school in the first place.
Outside of school, Zimmerman loves the great outdoors, and enjoys biking, rock climbing, and running in order to stay active. “I guess I should say volleyball is my favorite sport,” she says with a laugh. One of St. Luke’s varsity coaches, she played through high school, but overall her interests are quite diverse. “I wouldn’t say that I’m a fun person,” she jokes, “but I’m really good at Jenga. Also, I hate Jell-O. Any food that doesn’t have a spring constant, really.” With the school year already in full swing, it is undoubtable that students have discovered her love for the subjects which she teaches.


— Charlie Hobbs (Staff Writer)

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