Food Trucks are a Homecoming Hit

Homecoming was, as per usual, a success this year, but in one way it was very different: besides watching intense competition of our varsity athletes, many students, alumni, families, and supporters of St. Luke’s found a new place of interest. Located just behind the football field, where the CLAB used to be, there were four food trucks serving for the day. In years past the food available was from FLIK concessions, as well as the fan favorite The Pizza Truck. The four food trucks this year were The Firehouse Grill, Melt, Bodega, and of course The Pizza Truck. The food ranged from cheesesteaks, to tacos, to the ever-popular sweet swine pizza (honey bacon), to the new favorite the pork-u-pine sandwich. I talked to several SLS foodies who were able to taste the different gourmet options available on homecoming.


I talked to Bailey Vehslage ‘16, Jared Soltys ‘17, and Harry Mount ‘17 about their sandwiches at Melt:

S: What did you get from Melt?

B: I got the Pork-u-pine.

J: I got the fluffernutter

H: It was Ham and cheese and turkey with powdered sugar on top.

S: How would you describe the sandwich?

H: It was delicious

J: I loved it.

B: It was the greatest sandwich I had in the last year.

S: What was on it?

B: It was pulled pork, melt sauce, (a spicy delicious sauce), cheddar, on grilled white.


Next I asked Brian Stute ‘16 about his experience at The Pizza Truck:

S: So what did you get from The Pizza Truck?

B: A friend shared his pizza called the sweet swine with me.

S: How was it?

B: It was different, pretty good.

S: Why was the pizza so good?

B: It was an interesting combination of sweet and savory.


I interviewed Martine Lavelle ‘19, about what she got from Bodega:

S: What did you get on Homecoming?

M: A Chicken burrito.

S: How was it?

M: Good—  my taste buds were exhilarated

S: Would you have it again?

M: Absolutely.


Finally I talked to Shaka Moore ‘18 about the Firehouse Grill:

S: Shaka what did you have?

SM: I had the steak and cheese.

S: How was it?

SM: It was good

S: If you could describe it one word what would it be?

SM: delicious.

Overall the consensus was that food trucks were a success. They offered more diverse and varied food, as well as being a central meeting spot in between games to walk around and find friends. Perhaps Homecoming has found a new tradition.

William Bralower, Staff Writer

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