A View From the Sideline With Will Pond

This week I sat down with Will Pond, the 2nd string quarterback for the SLS Varsity Football Team.  Will and the team faced a tough loss on Friday, but the spirits seem high, and from what Will said it seems like there is hope for the future.


TS: As 2nd string QB you see all the emotions and the attitudes of the players. Do you think this team has the heart and attitude to succeed?


WP: I’m just here so I don’t get fined


TS: Really Will?  Just Answer the question.


WP: Fine, truth be told we have a great group of guys this year and everyone has been putting in work since last winter, when we started our 7 on 7 in Norwalk. Everyone is very passionate about football, and all we want to do is improve ourselves and win a NEPSAC championship.


TS: What do you think it will take to win the whole thing this year

WP: Well it will definitely take a lot of work to do what we want this season. We have to play every game like it’s our last, and give it our everything to win. We will also have to be mentally tough and have the ability to overcome anything in our way. We will have to be a family and put in 110 percent effort every day, both on and off the field.


TS: You guys faced a tough loss this week; do you think the team can benefit from this last game?

WP: Yeah it was really tough to lose this game. We worked hard and we prepared well for the game but in the end we couldn’t get any tempo on our offense and our defense was having a tough time stopping a really good Hamden Hall team. This is a great lesson for our team and allows us to reevaluate how much we really want to win as a team. Due to our bye week we have 2 weeks off, and this will give us time to look at what we did wrong at Hamden Hall. This reflection will make us better and prepare us for the Homecoming game against Williston Northampton.


TS: How was the team’s morale after this game? Is everyone eager to get back on top and start to turn the season in the right direction?


WP: It was a very tough loss and many of us were shocked and dumbfounded after the game because we put in so much hard work in. To see all that work go to waste really devastated the whole team. The game of football is not only physical but also a very mental game. Luckily for our team we are good on both ends and have short memories. The following day we didn’t get all upset about how poorly we did, instead we looked to the future and started preparing ourselves to get ready for our next competition.


Come see the Football team turn it around at Homecoming, on October 17th. Go Storm!

–Tucker Seth, Staff Writer

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