Power Rankings: The Months

  1. July – Hit the beach with your swimsuits, shades, and no worries. Celebrate our country’s independence over some burgers and dogs.
  2. June – School’s out… about time. Time to get ready for the summer job, head off to camp, or just embrace the lazy.
  3. DecemberSanta hats, Menorahs, and disgusting sweaters. Sit by the fireplace with hot chocolate, or hit the slopes— you have time away from school.
  4. AugustAll the good of July and June but more people are around. Get every last day of summer in, but watch out for the sun, it’s hot.
  5. October – The air is brisk, you can wear pants and long sleeves and be comfortable. It’s also homecoming, so see your favorite alumni and cheer on St. Luke’s athletics on the new turf field. Also you have good tv every Sunday, football, and the falling of the leaves.
  6. November – All the good of the end of October  the leaves are on the ground and it’s pretty outside, and it’s not too cold.rankings
  7. May – The end is near, it’s time for shorts. Don’t be lazy or the year’s end will be hard. Don’t be tempted by the beautiful weather outside.
  8. January – It’s really cold, but there are many of snow days.
  9. March – It’s spring break! Don’t get to used to it because 3rd Quarter is the hardest.
  10. AprilApril is the best month. April fools.
  11. September – Is it hot or cold? One day you are in shorts and t-shirt, and the next you have pants and sweater.
  12. February – It’s the worst.

— Will Bralower, Staff Writer

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