The New and Improved Flik

If you’re returning to SLS this year, you’ve undoubtedly noticed a difference in the food served in the cafeteria. Flik, the company that has provided our school lunch and breakfast for the past few years, has really stepped up its game. The food this year is not only tastier, but also healthier. This year, the amazing chefs at Flik are under the command of Chris Clark and executive chef Dan Greco. Chef Greco left SLS in 2013, but is back this year as the head chef, with big plans to revamp the SLS dining experience. By creating new menus and features in our cafeteria that are inspired by international cuisine, local produce and the desires of students here at SLS, Chef Greco has drastically improved lunches and breakfasts here at SLS.IMG_4126

The first visible improvement to school dining is exhibited through the new breakfast. In addition to new refrigerators filled with drinks, Flik has added a fresh egg and omelet station cooked by chef Matt. In a new breakfast feature called “Take it up with Matt”, students and faculty can get made to order eggs for breakfast. Additionally, breakfast will include daily smoothie specials, breakfast sandwiches, fresh fruits and yogurt.

If you not in early enough for breakfast, you have definitely seen the long lines for hot food. These lines are proof that students are enjoying the new lunch enough to wait for it. Not only have the traditional hot entrées improved, but Flik has also introduced a specialty station for lunch as an extension of the “Take it up with Matt” feature. At this station at “center stage” of the cafeteria, students can watch Flik chefs cook the hot, fresh, “action station” special of the day. Desert has also improved, with the treats such as brownies, ice cream and Italian ice on any given day. The fruit station is fresher, more versatile and finally we have apples free of that mysterious white powder.

The food has not only gotten better, but it is also more plentiful. In years past, food on days with a good menu would be gone after middle school lunch, leaving just the scraps for the upper school. Now, with so many new options, there is enough food for the upper school.

More food, more variety, and better taste. Thanks, Flik!

-Kelly Adams (Staff Writer)

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