SLS’ Global Citizens Save the World at International Model UN Conference

Earlier this month a few determined, globally-minded SLS students got the chance to experience diplomacy on an international level at the annual Global Classrooms International Model UN Conference in New York City.  Held at the Grand Hyatt Hotel adjacent to Grand Central Station, it was an easy commute for the SLS students representing the Arabic nation of Qatar.  However, this was not the case for other attending schools, some coming from as far as China, India, and even Qatar itself to attend the conference.  It was an insightful taste of the inner workings of the United Nations and gave students a hands-on manner in which to experience international relations and peacekeeping strategies in a mentally-stimulating learning environment.




The United Nations is an international coalition of 192 countries (all but four sovereign countries are members) which oversee global issues that affect each member country by passing resolutions and overseeing the enforcement of those acts.  At the Model UN conference in New York City, students participated in mock committee sessions on different topics with one or two representatives from each of the nations participating.  The representatives from SLS included Nick Jodka ‘16 and Chris Bloomer ‘16 on the “Eradication of Poverty: Post 2015,” Tom Howells ‘16 and Porter Bowman ‘17 on “Internet Freedom of Speech,” Bilal Memon ‘18 on “Renewable Energy,” Eliza Posner ‘16 and Sarah Wilson ‘16 on “Girls Education and Gender Equity,” and Amelia Wyckoff ‘18 and Claire Wilson ‘18 on “Humanitarian Intervention.”

Each of these students were tasked with upholding the beliefs of the Qatari government regardless of whether or not they personally believed in their position on the issue at hand.  During each of the four committee sessions, delegates spoke about their stances on the issues, worked to form alliances with other nations, and wrote up their plans of actions in papers called “resolutions.”  Using language that was compromise-filled and stringent on protecting the pillars of the United Nations, the delegates worked swiftly and smoothly to pass collaborative resolutions.

Led by advisors Mrs. Yavenditti, Ms. Bielski, and Dr. Bramlett, the students still had time to be teenagers: taking time to tour the city after the last committee session of the day, have dinner at an Asian restaurant and a Southern barbeque restaurant on each of the two nights, and eat soft serve frozen yogurt.  Overall, the conference turned out to be an enthralling, captivating, and enjoyable experience that enhanced the global citizenry and self-advocacy of the students involved.


— Porter Bowman, School News Editor


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