It’s a Princess!

“Princess Charlotte Meets the Queen!” may sound like the title of a children’s book containing magical tales of dragons and mermaids, but it is actually a recent headline of the Daily Mail! Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of Cambridge was born on May 2nd in the London Hospital, and already is dealing with the media wanting to know everything about her, even before her first public debut. Charlotte is the second child born to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, only two years after her brother George. Being the first princess of Cambridge in over 180 years, Princess Charlotte has been lucky to have the title of Princess.  Queen Elizabeth made a reform to a decree by King George V in 1917 which then gave the title only to the eldest son of the Duke.  Little Charlotte may have stirred up some news because of her gender, but her name is receiving applause from the public because it is so steeped in history.

The history of her name begins with William’s father, the Prince of Wales and Duke of Cambridge, because Charlotte is the feminine form of the Charles. Elizabeth is clearly a nod to William’s grandmother, and Queen of England, Elizabeth II. Charlotte got to meet her namesake on May 5th, and the two were able to spend time together because the Queen had been away when she was born. The princess’ other middle name is Diana. This name was given because of William’s mother, Princess Diana, who is still viewed as an icon today. Giving Charlotte this name gives her respect and class by calling upon how people viewed Princess Diana. This systematic way that the young princess has been named is respectful, and also gives her a respectable start into the world by modeling her after top figures. Though Charlotte will be able to carve her own path for greatness, these names just make it so she can be proud of where she came from, and continue on the legacy of the royal family.


Duchess Kate and Prince William are taking a leave of absence to spend time with the new princess. For William, it is two weeks paternity leave from being an air ambulance pilot, while Kate is going to take a longer absence with Charlotte. The people of London are wishing the young family the best when embarking on this new journey. Although people often say that greatness is made, not born, Princess Charlotte is definitely one step closer to becoming one of the greats.

-Mary Zech, Just 4 Fun Editor


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