Foreign Freaky Foods: Kawa Ni

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Foreign Freaky Foods: Kawa Ni

By: Addi MacKenzie and Becca Leonard

A.M: The dimmed lighting and mod decor set the mood of the Japanese influenced American style restaurant. Kawa Ni, a hip saki bar known for its ramen, is located on the Saugatuck in Westport, Connecticut. After briefly scanning the menu, I exchanged an apprehensive look with my co-writer, Rebecca Leonard. My stomach turned as the waiter placed the cow leg in front of us. I began to regret our impetuous decision to order the most adventurous dish we could find on the menu. I glanced at Becca, seeing disgust mirrored in her eyes as the waitress placed the large carcass before us.

I nervously stared at the unpalatable dish before me. Upon noticing our unease, the waitress explained how to correctly chow down the meal. “Yes, thank you” I responded, trying to hide the evident revulsion that had distorted my face. I picked up the ornately decorated spoon and began to crack the surface of the marrow. I then scooped up the gooey substance and spread it on a piece of toast. A fleeting glimmer of hope crossed my mind: Perhaps I would surprise myself and enjoy the fatty goo. I took a bite and nearly choked. I felt an overwhelming desire to spit the bite into my napkin, but quickly maintained my composure. Becca intently watched my reaction and asked my opinion. I chuckled and shook my head. I then watched her go through the same motions and exclaim–

B.L: “Why did we do this to ourselves??” I immediately regretted our poor decision as soon as I spooned the gritty marrow out of the bone, placed it onto toast and hastily threw it into my mouth without a second thought. We doubted that the mysterious “oyster sauce” could improve the foreign dish so we refrained from adding it. A feeling of guilt overwhelmed me as I thought of the kind waitress’ face when she realized that we could barely choke down what we had ordered, so I hid part of the bone marrow in the sauce to give the illusion that we had happily finished the entire plate. The only thing that kept me going was the promise of rice cakes, our second appetizer.

As it came, we exchanged a sigh of relief as we scarfed down the delicious dish which appeased our hungry appetites. Next on the agenda was the main course. Addi had ordered the spicy miso noodle bowl whereas I had ordered the Albacore soba. I regretted my decision as my noodle bowl was placed in front of me, lined with slices of raw tuna (Albacore does in fact mean tuna, which I did not know at the time). I don’t particularly like tuna but my partner assured me that the tuna was delicious as she finished it for me. Other than that, I enjoyed my main dish, but Addi’s was the winner of night. The creaminess of our meals caught us off guard. The plethora of fresh noodles were certainly the stars of the dish. Overall, the aesthetic of Kawa Ni attributes to an intimate mood that is perfect for dates, and our entire experience can be summed up in one piece of advice: if you go there, know what to order. We cannot stress this enough. Whatever you order could be a hit or miss, but the hits prove to be stellar dishes. Check in soon to hear about Addi and my next stop on our “Freaky Foreign Foods” series: “Royal Guard Fish and Chips” in Norwalk, CT.

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