An Academic Evening on the Hilltop: The Scholar’s Symposium

Imagine a cerebral evening in which twenty of the intellectual elite share their visionary presentations ranging from a variety of worldwide topical issues such as rhino poaching in Africa, child labor in India, and the Italian recession to name just a few. Here, academics can enjoy fine dining coupled with provocative discussions varying from current global affairs and modern scientific and mathematical research to a much more ancient focus—the Classical Era.

Where will this riveting, enlightening event take place? You may find yourself asking, immediately promising yourself a spot on their list of attendees. Why, fortunately for you and your fellow highbrow members of the St. Luke’s community, look no further than the Scholars Symposium located conveniently in the Fireplace Commons here at the Hilltop. Hosted by our erudite global, STEM, and classical scholars, the Scholars Symposium will be a highly informative event which will whet any intellect’s academic appetite. This year’s scholars include Monika Gabriele (global), Ryan Adams (STEM), and Casey Zhu (STEM and global).

Surely, it’s a night not to be missed. Come and support our seniors who have developed a fine expertise on topical matters in all areas of academics. Be sure to join us on the hilltop at 6:45 to appreciate thoughtful presentations, food, and drink!

— Addi MacKenzie, Staff Writer

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