Council Candidates Speak Out


With the privilege of leading the St. Luke’s upper school student body up for grabs this week, The Sentinel gave the five candidates for the presidential spot an opportunity to speak out in advance of Tuesday’s election. Candidates Schuyler Andersen, Jared Kuehner, Jeff Lane, Grace O’Halloran and Emma Powless, all members of the rising senior class, were asked to comment on the personal qualities that they felt made them the best person to fill this prestigious role and what is one thing they’d like to change about St. Luke’s.

Skye Andersen believes his strength as a candidate comes from his belief in the strength of the SLS community- the “students, faculty, facilities [and] events” that when pooled together will enable him to lead the student body “to create an unforgettable, successful, and energetic school year.” Andersen cites a personal drive that will allow him to take the student council to “another level.” With the chance to positively impact the school, Andersen plans to turn his attention to improving communication between the student body and the administration, hoping to decrease tension between the two groups by changing “how we as a student body talk with our administrators to maintain a healthy relationship with varying, but complementing, points of view.”

Jared Kuehner, who has served on student government for the past two years, points to that experience as his main selling point over the competition. Kuehner insists that his familiarity with the inner workings of the SLS student government will allow him to take the lead with greater efficiency, explaining, “I have learned what makes the student council run effectively. Next year, I wouldn’t have to waste time learning how to best contribute to the student council, and I could use that extra time to start getting work done.” Kuehner, like Andersen, also feels there is work to be done in unifying the school community. Kuehner would like “to change … the connection between the student council and the community.” He suggests making more meetings public forums,  “where students can come to us about their ideas, which will increase the attendance rates at events and create more enthusiasm in the student body.”

Jeff Lane stresses the breadth of his SLS experiences as the factor distinguishing him from other candidates, having played on varsity as well as thirds teams, launched a radio show on wslx, and participated in two of the fall plays.  Perhaps more compelling are Lane’s personal qualities. He asserts, “I’m a very accessible person, I listen well to others, I don’t presume to know everything, and I want to represent this school the best I can and get to know what issues people want dealt with.” Lane’s agenda may appeal to much of the student body. “One of the things I know I would like to address is the quality and variety of food in the cafeteria,” he promises.

Grace O’Halloran, believes that she stands out from the other candidates because of her passion for improving St. Luke’s, as well as her optimistic attitude. O’Halloran believes that she “can make a change… to SLS culture.” O’Halloran believes that the fact that she is relatively new to the SLS community is a strength, as she offers a “fresh perspective on student life.” As for her intended impact, Grace thinks, “students really appreciate and enjoy a strong sense of community and positive school spirit.” To foster a more cohesive community, she would “like Student Government to promote and host a lot more school-wide, social events that anyone can feel welcome to attend, whether they are going with a group of friends, a team, or alone.”

Our final candidate, Emma Powless, sees her value in her spirit, passion, and love of our school, noting that she is drawn to “any excuse to put on face paint and SLS gear and to go to a sports game.” Emma promises commitment, explaining, “One of my biggest pet peeves is when someone cheats or puts in half the work, so I am usually very passionate about the work I’m doing or the goal I’m working towards.” Powless looks to increase the voice of the student body, gathering strength from students’ “really awesome ideas and suggestions for the school” and ensuring that “those ideas are heard by the administration and by student government.”

It’s clear that all five candidates aim to bring passion and commitment to the top student job at St. Luke’s. As members of the St. Luke’s community it is now our duty to select next year’s leader. Make sure to vote for our next President during lunch on Tuesday!


— Caleigh Steele, Staff Writer

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