The Five Stages of Exam Recovery

From the second Mr. Shee called time on the last day of exams (for the bunch of us who had to take a Language exam), we all pushed academics out of our heads and looked forward to trips to Disney, China, and other personal adventures. When we returned on Monday, the lucky few of us were greeted with a shining A on that exam we didn’t think went well, but the rest of us were left with disappointment and sadness. Everyone is bound to receive an exam grade they are unhappy with at some point in their St. Luke’s career, but nobody works toward this result. We all cram and cram for days on end, replaying Spotify playlists all night, and drinking pots of coffee in hopes to pull that all-nighter to finish studying. However, we also always carry that possibility of not performing well when we walk into the gym during Exam week. What happens happens, but the more important thing is to learn how to deal with bad exam grades in the aftermath. Just like the well-known five stages of mourning, there are five stages of getting over exams.

Sentinel writers and survivors, Charlie Hobbs '17 and Addi Mackenzie '16 look to Destiny's Child for support.

Sentinel writers and survivors, Charlie Hobbs ’17 and Addi Mackenzie ’16 look to Destiny’s Child for support.

1. Relax! Take a moment to take a deep breath, refocus your mind, and de-stress. Freaking out over a bad grade and stressing will do you no good.

2. Talk with your teacher. Exams are meant to test how much material we retain during the year and you need to review wrong answers with your teachers in order to learn from your mistakes. ATTENTION AP STUDENTS: This is especially important in order to fully prepare for your AP exam in May. March exams closely resemble the May AP’s so make sure you are solid with all the material.

3. Put your grades in context. By doing this, students who did well on exams and those who did poorly can attempt to see the big picture. If you did well, put the grade in context to see how much you’ve improved or to simply reassure your self-confidence. If you did poorly, realize that these exam grades DO NOT show up on college transcripts. The 20% that exams count toward your final grade is assumed by most of us to be too high, but exams actually have far less impact on your grade than you think.

4. Fall back on your support system, i.e. family, friends and, yes, your teachers! They all will always support you and root you on to do well.

5. Move on!!! It’s just a grade, not the apocalypse. Focus on ending the school year at your best. When all else fails, grab a pint of Ben and Jerry’s and drown your sorrows through binge watching House of Cards on Netflix. But remember, there are only about two and a half months left of school until summertime, so make it count!

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