The Great Unwatched

If you are anything like me, you’ve just about exhausted Netflix’s extensive library. “But Henry! There are hundreds of hours of content!” Well clearly, mystery reader, you underestimate my procrastinating abilities. Here are some of the hidden gems I have discovered in my time spent not doing my homework.


Black Mirror

We live in a technology driven world. Science and electronics pervade every part of our lives, and being free of them seems practically impossible. The power and ubiquity of technology today leaves one asking the age old question: how could this go wrong? This question is the basis behind Black Mirror, a British show that takes place in a time period close to ours but in alternate realities. Heralded as the modern day Twilight Zone, Black Mirror uses masterful production and acting to create works of art that are closer to short movies than to TV shows. But the real value to this show is not in it’s appearance or it’s style, but in the ethical questions it provokes.

Enduring Freedom


American Sniper. Lone Survivor. Black Hawk Down. Over the years there have been an abundance of patriotic, semi-propagandist American hero movies. We know plenty of epic stories, why don’t we hear about the realities of war? Restrepo paints the true picture of our wars in the middle east, showing the harsh existence of our troops and the challenges they face. Based around an outpost in one the most dangerous areas in Afghanistan, Restrepo is a brutal depiction of the death, danger, and fear that soldiers go through on a daily basis.


We Are The Best

What really makes a band good? Because if it’s just the ability to play great music, then the band in We Are the Best is anything but. This Swedish movie tells the story of three preteen tom-boys who come together to play punk music. Despite their lack of experience and talent, they have no problem playing with the confidence of a band on a global tour. They aren’t looking for fame or for glory— they’re just trying to form their identities and express their individuality. And perhaps their passion, rather than their talent, is what makes them “the best” and is what makes this movie so compelling.


Is the Man Who Is Tall Happy?

Linguistics play a key role in our development, and from the day we are born we are constantly bombarded with new sounds, words, and sentences. Frankly, the fact that we can make sense of it all is nothing short of astounding. In this documentary, filmmaker Michel Gondry talks to modern day philosopher and linguist Noam Chomsky and animates their interview. Discussing his childhood and philosophical beliefs, Chomsky brings clarity and enthusiasm to his field. This discussion, coupled with Gondry’s animations, make for a fascinating and engaging film.


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