Fireside Chat: Kiwi Edition

St. Luke’s has new visitors on the hilltop- Jessica and Kenya, two students from Rangitoto College in New Zealand. Visiting for little over a month, the two are experiencing the everyday life of your average St. Luke’s student. Jessica is staying with Lexi Kelley and Kenya with Connor Schiff. The Sentinel sat down with the Rangitoto students to see how they like life in America.


Sentinel: What is the biggest difference between your school and SLS? What about SLS feels the same?

Jessica and Kenya: The classes here at SLS are much smaller than ours. The average class size at Rangitoto is about 30 kids. Also the students here have way more homework and your classes are much harder than ours. The SLS dress is often much more relaxed because at Rangitoto we have a uniform that we must wear. 


S: Is this your first time in America?

J&K  Yes. We were both so excited to have the opportunity to come.


S: What do you do on the weekends in New Zealand?

J: On the weekends, I love to ride my horse. When I am not doing that I am often working. I work at the BP gas station as a barista in the cafe section.

K: During the weekends, I am either playing soccer or basketball.


S: What was the first thing you noticed about America that was different than New Zealand?

J&K: We’ve never seen snow before so that was a big shock. It is also much colder here. In America, everything is massive and plus sized. Also, it was hard to get used to the idea that Americans drive and walk on the right side of the road.


Kenya, Lexi, and Jess in Central Park.

Kenya, Lexi, and Jess in Central Park.


S: What were your expectations of America? Were they met?

J&K: Honestly, we were a little worried people might be rude. But when we met everyone here at SLS, it was quite the opposite. Everyone is so friendly and nice and made us feel very comfortable.


S: Have you considered going to University in the United States?

J: University in America isn’t really an option for me due to the distance and other factors.

K: I hope to come to University in the United States on a soccer scholarship.


Jessy Quindlen, Staff Writer


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