Gault and Bibb: Broadcasters and Entertainers


Tune into seniors Nick Gault (left) and Jasper Bibb (right) as they broadcast the Girls’ Varsity Basketball games on WSLX

You may already be flocking to the Girls’ Varsity Basketball games for the pure love of Sydney Lowery’s jump shot or Maya Klein’s court shattering charges, but now there’s another reason to make your way to the Athletic Center. The announcers of these games, seniors Nick Gault and Jasper Bibb, are long time members of the WSLX club. Not only do they give us listeners play by play details on the game, but they also cover the behavior and the fashion choices of the coaches and those in the crowd. Undoubtedly, these two are more than just announcers of an underrated SLS sport (seriously these games are amazing and they should be packed) – they’re entertainers.

At the beginning of the Girls’ Varsity game against Ethel Walker, it became evident there were some issues with the scoreboard as Jason Haynes, who runs the board at every game, began fumbling with the controls. In response, the referees decided to turn back the hands of time and add twenty seconds to the scoreboard. Nick and Jasper, unable to hear much of what was going on on the court because of their headphones, were essentially shouting, “I have no idea what going on right now.” It was a statement that while amusing, reflected the confusion of not only the players, Mr. Haynes, and the coaches – but the audience. These two really know how to relate to the audience regardless of their audial handicaps. The duo constantly makes funny anecdotes throughout the game; getting hyped over steals and blocks that either “break the time space continuum” or become “the meaning of life”.

While attending a game, spectators are heard not only enthusing about the sick three pointers sunk by Caroline Thompson, but also laughing about the hilarious quips thrown out by Nick and Jasper. The duo has even started a tradition of assigning a “Fan of the Game” (usually sophomore, Quentin Anderson), and often award an “MVP” title to spectators for quite unusual reasons. For example, when Jasper claimed “the co-MVP of the day is Mr. Parson’s vest and tie combo” how could one not be completely enamored and obligated to find out who took home the main MVP. A quote from the infamous Nick Gault sums up the general atmosphere of these games, saying “I’m having a great time, we’re having a great time, Lady Storm is having a great time…Mr. Parsons is for sure having a great time.” If you want to have a good time, go to the game and try your chances at being the Fan of the Game, or tune into Nick and Jasper on the 91.9 channel.

–Josie Williams and Jane Zech, Staff Writers

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