Surface Pro 3 Review

When Microsoft released its Surface Pro 3 back in June, it was dubbed as the tablet that can replace your laptop. It has exceeded these expectations. In fact, since I’ve gotten the Surface Pro 3, I have yet to open my old laptop. With configurations of the device going up to 512 gb and a powerful intel Core processor, this is a tablet that is more powerful than most computers.

The Surface Pro 3 does have a steep price range as it starts out at a whopping $799, fairly expensive for a tablet. However, it has the look and feel of a premium product. Despite having a larger 12 inch screen, Microsoft managed to keep the Surface Pro 3 lighter than the previous two versions of the tablet thanks to its slim design. It also has a built in kickstand which can be optimized to any angle between 22 and 150 degrees to accommodate any viewing perspective.

One of the most notable additions to the new Surface Pro is the fact that it comes with its own stylus, which Microsoft calls the Surface Pro Pen. At first, to me, this addition seemed like nothing more than a novelty addition; however, I’ve began to realize that it is very useful for note taking on pre-installed One Note app on the Surface Pro 3. From previous experience, I can definitely say the Surface Pro Pen is much easier and more effective than any stylus used for the iPad or other tablet. When taking notes, my handwriting didn’t look much different than when writing with a normal pencil and paper. The handy pen is also effective when drawing or painting.

Another great addition to the Surface Pro 3 is the excellent type cover that acts as a screen cover, full keyboard, and touch interface. It is unfortunately sold separately, despite the fact that it is an almost necessary part of the Surface Pro 3, especially if you want to have it replace your laptop. The keyboard is large and easy to type on, and it is also a fairly thin, light add-on the the tablet. One minor gripe is that the trackpad touch interface performance is rather spotty and inconsistent.

To conclude, the Surface Pro 3 is an excellent product that can definitely replace your laptop. With a fast processor, sleek design, and an additional keyboard, the Surface Pro 3 is a great option if you’re looking for a new computer.


— Jamie Rich, Sports Editor

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