Students and Faculty SPEAK OUT


On Wednesday December 17, 2014, a group of brave students and teachers spoke out against racial discrimination in correlation with police brutality. Participants from all walks of life stood in front of a crowded PAC to share their stories and speak about why they care about the racial issues plaguing our country.

The event began with an emotional presentation about the staggering statistics regarding police brutality involving people of color. After the presentation, brave students and faculty used the prompt, “I care about _____ because _____.” Speakers filled in the blanks and courageously shared personal thoughts and stories.

Among the many participants was BJ Buckle, who shared a very personal sentiment about a loved one whom he lost to police brutality. Adiah Price-Tucker and Sydney Lowery each shared how they cared about #BlackLivesMatter because they don’t want to worry that their loved ones won’t return home due to police brutality against men and women of color. Georgia Nelson expressed her desire to live in a world where the biggest battle was not between the police officers and black men. Caitlyn Hughes and Quentin Anderson each spoke about how they care because all people are equal and all lives, regardless of skin color, are equally valuable.

After everyone’s voice was heard, Take Note came to the stage to perform “Ella’s Song”. Hannah Smock sang the lead with Sally Rose Zuckert playing a small hand-held drum, offering tribute to all who has lost their life through police brutality. However, before Take Note even took the stage, Dr. Bramlett challenged the Saint Luke’s community to open their eyes to the wrongdoings of society and speak out for change. It is clear that this powerful and passionate expression is one of many within our St. Luke’s community. If everyone opens his or her eyes, we as a whole can make a change in our world.

– Kelly Adams, Staff Writer

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