Oscar Nomination Predictions!

As we leave Thanksgiving dinner behind  and put the finishing touches on our wish lists, holiday season is in full swing. However, as Christmas trees go up and families fly in, my personal favorite time of year is fast approaching. Film festivals have drawn to a close, actors are gearing up their campaigns; that’s right, folks, it’s awards season! And with the Academy Awards slated for February 22, 2015, just three months away, and a slew of lesser shows scattered in between then and now, it is never too early to start predicting.

Best Picture

Easily the biggest category, the Best Picture award honors the producers behind nine of the year’s best films. Here are Kelly and I’s predictions:

url1. Birdman (Alejandro González Iñárritu, John Lesher, Arnon Milchan, & James W. Skotchdopole)

2. Boyhood (Richard Linklater, Cathleen Sutherland, Jonathan Sehring, & John Sloss)

3. Gone Girl (Leslie Dixon, Bruna Papandrea, Reese Witherspoon, & Ceán Chaffin)

4. Interstellar (Emma Thomas, Christopher Nolan, & Lynda Obst)

5. Into the Woods (Rob Marshall, John DeLuca, Marc Platt, & Callum McDougall)

6. Selma (Brad Pitt, Dede Gardner, Jeremy Kleiner, Christian Colson, & Oprah Winfrey)

7. The Imitation Game (Nora Grossman, Ido Ostrowsky, & Teddy Schwartzman)

8. The Theory of Everything (Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner, Lisa Bruce, & Anthony McCarten)

9. Unbroken (Matthew Baer, Angelina Jolie, Erwin Stoff, & Clayton Townsend)

Kelly’s Prediction: Boyhood… It is such a groundbreaking movie… there’s never been anything like it. It’s too innovative not to win.

Charlie’s Prediction: Boyhood… As Kelly said, the concept is so original and incredible. Although it is an indie film, it was such an ambitious project and it was done so beautifully. It felt real and raw, and I can’t see any other film taking the top prize.


Best Actor This year’s best actor race is neck in neck, one of the most competitive to date, and is definitely the toughest to call. Here are Kelly and I’s predictions:

1. David Oyelowo as Martin Luther King, Jr., Selmaeddie-redmayne-profile

2. Eddie Redmayne as Stephen Hawking, The Theory of Everything

3. Jake Gyllenhaal as Louis Bloom, Nightcrawler

4. Steve Carell as Jon du Pont, Foxcatcher

5. Timothy Spall as William Turner, Mr. Turner

Kelly’s Prediction: Eddie Redmayne… Stephen Hawking is such a distinct character, and getting him right would be such a difficult task, and I believe that Eddie Redmayne did this beautifully.

Charlie’s Prediction: Steve Carell… He’s a true wild card, but his performance in Foxcatcher is so haunting and such a shocking departure from what we’re used to seeing from Carell. He does crazy like nobody else you’ve seen, and the pure shock value of seeing him in this part may be enough for a win.


Best Actress A category typically overflowing with effortless talent, this year is truly a battle between two leading redheads: Julianne Moore and Amy Adams. Here are Kelly and I’s predictions:

1. Amy Adams as Margaret Keane, Big Eyes

2. Jennifer Aniston as Claire Simmons, CakeJulianne-Moore-Reed-Krakoff-Spring-2014-412x580

3. Julianne Moore as Dr. Alice Howland, Still Alice

4. Reese Witherspoon as Cheryl Strayed, Wild

5. Rosamund Pike as Amy Elliott-Dunne, Gone Girl


Kelly’s Prediction: Amy Adams… She’s a five-time Academy Award nominee who has been snubbed five times. This is her time to win.

Charlie’s Prediction: Julianne Moore… It seems almost hard to believe that she hasn’t won yet, but I feel that her performance in Still Alice will be her break. Her performance as a successful doctor and mother suffering from early onset Alzheimer’s disease is upsetting and so genuine.


Best Supporting Actor There are three frontrunners in this category, and throughout festival season, J.K. Simmons, Mark Ruffalo, and Ethan Hawke have maintained a strong lead over the competition. But who will come out on top when the three go head to head against two other actors? Here are Kelly and I’s predictions:

Director Mark Ruffalo attends the screening of "Sympathy for Delicious" in New York1. Edward Norton as Mike Shiner, Birdman

2. Ethan Hawke as Mason Evans, Sr., Boyhood

3. J.K. Simmons as Terence Fletcher, Whiplash

4. Mark Ruffalo as Dave Schultz, Foxcatcher

5. Tyler Perry as Tanner Bolt, Gone Girl

Kelly’s Prediction: Mark Ruffalo… He is a unique actor who, no matter the size of the role, fully embodies his character.

Charlie’s Prediction: J.K. Simmons… He is intense, he is scary, J.K. Simmons in Whiplash is every student’s worst nightmare. Everyone has had a teacher like him (to a certain extent, of course), and he deserves the recognition.


Best Supporting Actress The only category with a very clear front runner, Best Supporting Actress is Patricia Arquette’s to lose. Here are Kelly and I’s predictions:

1. Carmen Ejogo as Coretta Scott King, Selma

2. Emma Stone as Sam Thompson, BirdmanPatriciaArquette

3. Keira Knightley as Joan Clarke, The Imitation Game

4. Meryl Streep as The Witch, Into the Woods

5. Patricia Arquette as Olivia Evans, Boyhood

Kelly’s Prediction: Patricia Arquette… The film is just so unique, and she steals the show as the mother of the young boy who grows up on screen, which is no easy feat.

Charlie’s Prediction: Patricia Arquette… This was a truly stunning performance. She broke my heart countless times throughout the film, sometimes in ways so subtle that I didn’t even realize until I had time to reflect on it later. A worthy successor to Lupita’s throne.


That’s all for now! Tune back in in January, when nominations are announced. Additionally, the Golden Globes are on January 11, SAG Awards are on January 25, and the BAFTAs are on February 8. Predictions for winners at those events will be posted after nominations are announced.

— Charlie Hobbs, Staff Writer


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