Willow is the Future

At the young ages of just 14 and 16, the Smith siblings have undoubtedly been continuing their parents’ legacies as legendary, multi-talented performers.  The duo have been releasing various tracks on their soundcloud account, under the name, “Willough”.  Along with these modest releases, Jaden newly created an app titled, “The Jaden Experience” to hold his new album, which listeners can purchase free of charge on the iTunes App store.

Just when fans thought it could not get any better, the young Willow Smith dropped her first EP, titled, “3” in celebration of her 14th birthday.  A long way from her previous productions, it is clear that the once solely pop artist has now evolved into a truly mesmerizing lyricist and performer.  The EP features a trio of fresh tracks, including a collaboration with R&B vocalist SZA.

Willow poses for Teen Vogue

Willow poses for Teen Vogue


The adage for this release is plainly, “quality over quantity”.  Despite the limited number of tracks released, Willow still manages to pack a powerful punch with her compelling verses and mellow beats.  The soulful crooner begins by telling the world, “Keep the money, keep the fame, all I want is truth,” in the song “8”.  Willow’s new mature tone and soulful sound immediately captivates the listener, as she proves that her “Whip My Hair” days are long behind her.  The singer makes a daring statement to her critics while still maintaining an effortless aura through fluid beats and serene lyrics.

Willow’s maturity is continually expressed in the track, “9”.  Here, Willow sings of a difficult relationship and her experience with being profoundly in love.  The singer explicates her advanced mind by stating, “I don’t play no more, I’m not a kid no more.”  These lyrics, along with others, signify an important message that Willow is attempting to convey to her listeners: She is departing from her previous pop sound, and is segueing into an impassioned, more sophisticated level of lyrical expression.

Willow concludes the EP with the more upbeat track, “Flowers”.  A jazzy guitar intro and Willow’s passionate vocals make this song more buoyant and less controversial.  Willow refers to herself as a “flower”, continually blossoming and creating a unique persona in an environment that is harshly judgmental.

It is without a doubt that Willow has matured in musical taste, despite her young age.  In a recent interview regarding the release, the songbird stated, “My lyrics are probably what is going to be packing the most punch, and my tracks are in the background just coolin’ it.”  Willow wants listeners to focus on the spiritual, futuristic message that she is disclosing, while still transmitting them to a serene state of mind.  Along with the leak, she released a statement saying, “I am emitting a frequency of love in this EP- of change, of freedom.”  Willow’s dynamic message and soothing rhythms lead to an overall smooth collection that will surely blow your mind.


Anna Newman, Staff Writer

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