Sanctuary Policy Resurfaces

When the announcement was made that advisory would be replaced with class meetings on Friday, December 5, the same rumors filled the hallway.

“They’re bringing back the tree!” “Apparently it’s something with the middle schoolers.” “Another talk on this stupid Christmas tree?” But when the senior class settled down in the festive fireplace commons, the news was far from what we had expected.

“We found an illegal substance on campus. A baggie of marijuana that goes by the street name ‘dabs’,” Mrs Perry calmly addressed. She explained how the bag of drugs was found in the student commons earlier that week. Surrounded by faculty and staff, Mrs. Perry expressed how the teachers at St. Luke’s were a strong support system that us students should feel comfortable coming to with any form of problem.

Sanctuary Policy can be found in the Student Handbook.

Sanctuary Policy can be found in the Student Handbook.


Next, a faculty member in each Upper School class meeting went on to explain St. Luke’s newest addition of the sanctuary policy. The sanctuary policy states that any student who is in possession, has consumed, or has an ongoing problem with any illegal substance is exempt from disciplinary action if they come to a faculty member and invoke the policy.

Once a student or a friend of a student invokes the policy, the issue immediately becomes a medical issue instead of a disciplinary one. While the announcement of finding drugs on campus can be very scary to many students, teachers, and parents, the school ensures the members of the community that St. Luke’s is a safe place.

One member of the senior class stated that the incident made them feel “concerned, but thankful that the administration was honest and ethical with the situation.” With hundreds of people entering and leaving the building each day, students, teachers, and visitors included, the drugs very-well could belong to someone outside of the St. Luke’s community.

Regardless, the administration has found it important to take the time to remind members of the hilltop of not just the sanctuary policy, but that St. Luke’s is a safe and open community.


Jessica Quindlen, Staff Writer 


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