Computer Science Week Recap

For the past week, SLS students have been educated about the uses of computer science and coding. In their math classes, they have partaken in the Hour of Code, where they got to try coding for themselves through the enjoyment of games. However, there are still some students wondering why they should even bother learning how to code and why part of their math classes are being taken away from them because of it.

The reason that this is computer science week is because it was Grace Hopper’s birthday this week on December 9. Hopper was a computer scientist who created the first high-level programming languages known as COBOL. She is also well known for coining the term “debugging” when trying to fix computer glitches, which was inspired by a time when she actually had to remove a moth from a computer in order to get it to work.

The Sentinel staff was able to talk with Mrs. Johnson who teaches the Introduction to Computer Science course here at St. Luke’s. She explained why taking a computer science course and learning how to code is very relevant in today’s society. Mrs. Johnson stated:  “It’s tough to think of a job or career opportunity that doesn’t involve coding. Almost every single job department involves coding in some way.” If you remember from town meeting on Monday, the computer science students here at SLS mentioned that there are so many job opportunities for coders that there aren’t actually enough people who know how to code.

The Sentinel staff was also able to talk with Josh Mitchell, a junior who has taken computer science classes since he was a freshman and is currently taking AP Computer Science. According to him: “The main challenge of computer science is the very beginning because it’s like learning a whole new language, but now that I’ve learned new coding languages, computer science is one of my favorite classes. In the future, I hope to be able to program and create my own game through coding very soon.”

For SLS students who have never taken computer science, many thought that Hour of Code was a great experience. An SLS student stated “I thought the hour of code was a great experience and wonderful way to learn code in a fun, positive way.” Another SLS junior said “I thought it was cool because Elsa is my ‘homegirl,’” referring to one of the coding games that was Frozen-themed.

Computer Science Week is clearly a very relevant, important event that’s going to continue for years at St. Luke’s. With the growth of job opportunities available for coders, learning computer science and how to code in different languages is something many SLS students should consider.


Jamie Rich, Sports Editor


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