One Direction Does it Again

One Direction’s highly anticipated album, Four, has finally come out and topped iTunes charts in over 67 countries, and also launched to number one on the Billboard 200 charts. This talented quintet achieved the feat of being the third group to have their first four studio albums debut at number one, after The Kingston Trio and The Monkees. This longevity in pop culture is no stroke of luck, but an example of One Direction’s mass appeal and musical talent, which is often dismissed because of their shallow boyband exterior.
Four is a blast from the past with a modern twist, featuring 80-esque bop alongs such as, “Where Do Broken Hearts Go,” “Girl Almighty,” and “Steal My Girl.” These retro sounding tunes capture jaunty vibes of artists like Bruce Springsteen. Other songs like “Change Your Ticket,” are emo-bouncy melodies that sound like a mix of “Girls” by The 1975 and the Killers’ “Somebody Told Me.” More folk-sounding songs such as “Fools Gold,” “Fireproof,” and “Ready to Run” are more advanced versions of the sound that they tried to create on previous albums like “Story of My Life” and “Happily.”
The scatter of folk-pop-rock that One Direction has cultivated over a series of albums gives them a unique sound, but it doesn’t sound totally developed yet. One might say that certain elements of these songs are all style and no substance, an opinion validated by the corny lyrics that many have come to expect from One Direction. One Direction appears to be trying to push away from their bubblegum image with songs such as, “No Control” and “Stockholm Syndrome,” which are a bit more rock n’ roll and lyrically advanced. A spunky and sweet sounding ballad is also displayed in “18,” which was written by Ed Sheeran specifically for One Direction.
This isn’t the first time that One Direction has looked to idols for inspiration, as shown by the “Baba O’Riley” guitar intro of One Direction’s 2013 single from Midnight Memories, “Best Song Ever,” that had us saying, “The Who… who!?” The whole album was as polished as their early released single, “Fireproof,” with Beach Boy style harmonies. The undeniable smoothness in this song gives us the first taste that this is really One Direction 2.0.
As One Direction moves further and further away from where they began, one has to wonder where they will end up. Jim Farber, writer for Daily News, said, “nothing ages faster than a teen idol.” One Direction seems to defy this-aging like fine wine or sharp cheddar, and getting even better with time!
–Mary Zech, Staff Writer
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