St. Luke’s Artists’ Spotlight

St. Luke’s students often find school spirit and inspiration through our varsity sports teams, but the hilltop is also bustling with artists of all kinds. Walking thehalls of the Hilltop, you may hear a just as much conversation about Basquiat or Oscar Wilde as you do of Tom Brady or Miley Cyrus.

Student artwork adorns the walls, filling up our school with an artistic spirit. Art is something that serves a multitude of resolves within our society, from self-expression to relaxation. The interesting thing about art is that to each person, it means something different.

Nick Gault is a current senior at SLS, whose Soundcloud beats can be heard throughout the commons on any given day. Nick finds expression through music. Rather than the years of violin or piano lessons that usually accompany what we think of as a “Fairfield County musician,” Nick uses his computer to make and mix melodies.

“Making music has been a way for me to de-stress and relax for a pretty long time now,” says Nick. “It has been an outlet for me to kind of get away from it all and to express my creativity.”

While some look to music, others find theatre to be the best way to explore their own imagination. Senior Malcolm Joung is a star on the stage, although it is more than the limelight that draws him to the art of the theatre.

“To me, theatre is a way to de-stress,” says Malcolm. “In a way it’s also a puzzle, by trying to become someone else. For some reason I really enjoy thinking of how someone else would react to a particular scenario, and following through by actually doing that.”
By exploring others’ points of view through acting, Malcolm can learn more about himself.

Another St. Luke’s artist who uses art (shown right) to discover her vision is senior Grayson Kennedy.

“Art is really my oasis. When I paint or draw, my mind drifts into a haven of silence; I become immersed in color, form, and light. All of my other senses shut down, and it really allows me some time to focus and relax”

Grayson views art as “opening a portal into your own thoughts.” This is something that almost all artists find in common. Art is a way to “find your own style and vision,” as Grayson so eloquently puts it.

Music, art, and theatre classes have been getting cut out in schools across the country due to tight budgets, but, seeing the effect that those classes have had on St. Luke’s students, it is quite obvious that art is a critical way that students both relax and explore their own minds and souls. So, in the words of NWA, “Express Yourself!”

Bailey Vehslage, Arts Editor

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