The Storm in the Spotlight

As we enter the second quarter of the 2014-2015 year, it’s easy to mourn the absence of countless coach’s whistles, cheering crowds, and the ripe ol’ smell of men’s deodorant – the stuff seemingly inherent of the SLS campus in autumn is on a well deserved, if brief, hiatus before winter sports beckon our athletes to the gym once more. As a freshman, you may be thinking: ‘Going home at 3pm just feels wrong!’ or maybe, as a senior, you’ll say to yourself, ‘The applications are all in, now what?’ Well, here’s your answer:

Moliére’s satirical play called ‘The School for Lies’, a performance consisting of equal parts bark and bite, will premiere this weekend only on the hallowed stage of  the Seldin Performing Arts Center and it’s an attraction you don’t want to miss. Starring a ‘talented, crazy, and diverse cast of students’ (Tess Tregallas, 12th), the show should be just the thing for any upper-schooler with a hankering for some histrionic comedy with impossibly more ‘mature’ content than of that we’ve seen in the past… Yes people, I’m talking PG-13 here. Please note, the performance is highly recommended for 9th through 12th graders only.

The show seems promising for those who like outrageous accents, flamboyant costumes, saucy (if misguided) male actors, and the type of sexual tension you could cut with a knife. And, if you weren’t already convinced to come and support our thespians, Director Jereme Anglin assures us of both a surprise ending and some phenomenal drag!

So, come see The School for Lies this Friday and Saturday at 7pm and stay tuned for its review later next week!

Sally Rose Zuckert, Contributing writer

(Photography by Desiree Smock)

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