The Great Bowtie Debate of 2014

Sentinel staff members Augie Barringer and Bailey Vehslage face off in the historical debate: ties or bowties?

Why bowties are better than normal ties:  

Most people wear neckties – they are easy to tie and quite… normal.  Then there are those who wear bow ties.  Some people vehemently despise bow ties, while others prefer them.  They come in all the fascinating colors and patterns that a normal tie does, and more.

The truth is simply that they are better than normal neckties, for many reasons.

Here are a few:

They look better.

And this is NOT just personal opinion.  What do people wear for their casual school garb?  A necktie.  What do people wear for black tie events?  One might go in a suit, where either could be worn, but most people go in a Tuxedo – this means a bow tie.  And the most formal of all? White Tie.  This is meant for people to look at their best, and what is worn?  A bow tie.  Coincidence?  I think not.

They are safer.

If the average St. Luke’s student happened to get into a fight while in perfect dress code, they would be in trouble – an easy way to grab your opponent is to grab their tie – it can even be used to choke the victim!  Good luck getting your hands on a bow tie – they don’t even tighten – pull a bow tie the wrong way and the worst that could happen is it would be untied.  Has anyone been sucked into an awful accident because their bow tie got stuck in… anything?  No.

They are more convenient.

When you wear a beautiful silk tie, the biggest worry is that something will get on it.  Food, drink, ink, pencil, really anything can mess up a tie, as silk ties cannot be easily washed.  A necktie hangs from your neck to below your belly button, often resting on your lap when you sit down – the most dangerous zone.  Any dropt food or spilt drink falls right down onto the tie; it is an impending disaster.  Is it easy to spill on a bow tie?  If you are sitting up at a table, you would have to try to mess it up.  Neck ties are always in the way, swinging down when you want to use the water fountain, falling in things that you bend over – they even have to be removed for safety when doing chemistry labs – bow ties stay right up at your neck, where no harm can become of him.

They exude confidence.

The Neckwear Association of America reports that bow ties make up only 3% of 100 million ties sold each year in this country.  This shows that you are comfortable enough to dare to be different.

Great people wear them.

Who wears bow ties?  Awesome people is the answer: Winston Churchill, Karl and Groucho Marx, Walter Gropius, Erwin Schrödinger (or did he?), Teddy Roosevelt and FDR, Steve Jobs, Stromae, Bill Nye (the Science Guy), Pee-Wee Herman, Doctor Who, Hercule Poirot, Indiana Jones, Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Krusty the Clown, even the Cat in the Hat.

Case and point.

Augie Barringer, Staff Writer


Why normal ties are better than bowties:


When you think of the stereotypical nerd,

He’s wearing a bow-tie.

They’re showy, pretentious, making you look like you’re setting yourself above everyone else.

Sometimes they look amuck

(messy below your chin).

I don’t even know how to tie a bowtie,

Regular ties just look better

Bowties create spatial imbalance,

a void where there should be something,

a space that needs to be filled,

a big hole in the center of your shirt where there should be something,  FROM AUGIE HIMSELF

Not just tightness around your neck, but touches your chin too much,

            pattern bow ties are overwhelming,

people who wear bow ties thinks they’re sooooo cool,

when I see a bowtie, I want to hurt the person wearing it       – Mr.F

 Long tie = Can watch the knot as you tie it

STEM kids wear them

Bailey Vehslage, Arts Editor

So what do you think?

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