“Lone Wolf” Terror Attacks

The terror plots which have surfaced in North America in recent weeks signify the spread of ISIS-related support to the United States and Canada, but the fact that individual threats have popped up without any direct connection is a bit terrifying.

First, the assassination of a Canadian soldier near the Parliament sparked the realization of internal anger by radical separatists in countries opposing ISIS.  On Wednesday, October 22, Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, a recently converted Islamic radical, brought a rifle to the Canadian National War Monument, fatally wounding the soldier on duty.  Zehaf-Bilbeau was then shot down by security guards just outside the live meeting of the Canadian Parliament, getting very close to causing an even worse national security disaster for our northern neighbor.

The next day, 32 year old Islamic convert Zane Thompson carried an axe down the streets of Manhattan, and brutally attacked a group of police officers before being shot down.  Thompson struck one officer in the head, and another officer in the arm.  Thompson was also a member of the Black Panthers, and evidence showed that he planned this terror plot in advance and targeted law enforcement for his rampage from the start.

The significance of both of these attacks is actually the lack of connection between them.  These so-called “lone wolf” attacks show that the influence of terror and extremist groups from the Middle East and other idealisms of the world have spread to more stable nations, and this is extremely discomforting.


For those old enough to remember, including Sentinel advisor Mr. Flachsbart, this brings upon memories of such threats as “Unabomber” Ted Kaczynski, whose bomb threats brought fear upon many Americans from the late 1970s to the mid 1990s.  These new “lone wolf” threats are not unlike those found decades ago, and the same issue has arisen in that the threats stem from a single person instead of a full radical group, making them harder to predict and stop.

The danger in these types of terror threats are that they are unpredictable and unstoppable.  Unfortunately, there is a probable, cynical assumption where it would not be surprising when another attack similar to these arise in the next few months.  Hopefully our world will come to resist the spread of these radical ideologies, and these occurrences will start to dwindle to affirm the belief of non-violent movements when in the need of protest.


— Porter Bowman, School News Editor

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