1 + 1 Program Progress Report

The 1+1 Program kicked off during the 2014-2015 St Luke’s school year. Each ninth and tenth grade student now has a Macbook Air as well as an iPad to assist in their work throughout the school year. The Sentinel staff was able to interview a few students who have participated in this group to get a sense of its performance so far.

Most opinions regarding this new program appeared to be positive. Porter Bowman is a fan of the new policy and feels that it can become an integral part of part of the community: “I feel that the school issued computer has become an important aspect of each class and I feel that technology will continue to play an important role in our school careers at SLS.”  Ajay Fernandez is also a supporter of the new program: “I think it’s great for students so we don’t have to go out and get our own laptops since now it seems like everything is online. In school, teachers post homework online and many of our written assignments are done online through Google Drive. It also makes notebooks kind of non-existent. I don’t have to carry around as many heavy textbooks or binders as much.  It also instills responsibility in us because it makes us have to use the computer responsibly.”

Although the program definitely has its benefits, there are a few aspects about it that some students are weary of. One tenth grader that chose to remain anonymous doesn’t like the idea that everything done on the computer can be monitored: “I think it’s nice, but it feels [like the IT Department is] always watching me and it freaks me out.” Another student who chose to remain anonymous believes that the iPad is irrelevant: “I kind of like it because if I’m on this computer, I’m only doing work and it helps stay focused, but I don’t really like the iPad, and I never use it.”

Because the 1+1 program only applies to the ninth and tenth graders, it has caused some jealousy among the older upperclassmen who feel left out. Two juniors had this to say: “I am really jealous and upset that the 10th get computers and we don’t, after we were already skipped over for the iPad program.” “My computer is super slow. I really wish the school would give me a new one.”

To conclude, The 1+1 Program has been relatively successful and will likely become an integral part of the St. Luke’s community.

— Jamie Rich, Sports Editor


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