An Assessment of Assessments

When I wake up in the morning, I brace myself for the day, mentally prepare myself for the test.  Which test?  That one on the stuff in that class… Whether it is a quiz on quantum mechanics in chemistry, a test on optimizing equations in calculus, or a prompt in my blues history class, it seems as if there is an assessment of some sort in one of my classes every day.  There really isn’t, and I’m sure that it feels a lot worse than it actually is, but with early college applications due in just over two weeks and the quarter coming to a close, there is a lot going on, and teachers seem to feel the urge to give assessment after assessment.


Teachers give homework, tests, quizzes, and other types of assessments because they are really the only ways for them to gauge how you much of their teaching you are retaining, and it allows them to reflect on how well they have taught the material.  They give papers to assess your critical thinking ability and make sure you have the writing skills to prepare you for college life, and any career beyond.  What they don’t seem to understand is that every other teacher a student has and every other class the student takes has its own extreme testing agenda.  When the math teacher assigns twenty three problems for homework due on the same day that the English teacher scheduled a prompt, and that long running assignment on the History of the Lute is also due, things stack up to create an insurmountable mass of assessments.

Teachers, don’t get me wrong – I love all of your classes, and as always will do my best to complete all of the assigned homework with time to spare, write the extra paragraph for those papers, and ace those tests.  Yet often none of those things happen as a result of a sheer amount of assessments floating around school.  And so we carry on, we trudge through the masses of knowledge thrown at us, and, most importantly, we do our best.


Augie Barringer, Staff Writer

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