StormStyle: 10/20/14-10/24/14


This week in Storm Style we have three very fashionable students! Ella Pepper and Alex Lemmer are sporting the same  style chinos, but they have created two very different looks. Ella has paired her “military style” slate grey khakis with a white oxford, light yellow cable knit sweater, and a pair of adorable –yet casual– navy blue suede sneakers. On the other hand, Alex has taken a completely different route, matching her navy blue pants with a casual grey sweater, white button down, and simple black flats. While the girls’ pants are the same, they have still managed to created two unique and cohesive looks. Alex Wagle, our final “Storm Styler” for this week, pulls off a very stylish AND traditional outfit. He models a conservative navy blue vest and plaid button down with different hues of blue, but his red, duck printed tie adds a pop of unexpected color. All in all, St. Luke’s has had a very fashionable week!


— Gracie Zaro, Staff Writer and Lily Williams, Staff Writer

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