New TV Shows Review

The Sentinel staff has been very busy this fall- spending time in front of the television. Here are our opinions on what to watch this season, and what to avoid:


Gotham (FOX)

On September 22, The new TV show premiered with success; however, I don’t understand why. I pretty much had to tie myself to the couch to finish it because it was so long and boring. Imagine The Dark Knight movies without Batman and that’s pretty much what you get with Gotham. Unless you’re really interested in what Gotham City was like when Bruce Wayne was a ten-year-old kid and the city was run by a bunch of annoying cops, I wouldn’t recommend this new tv show.

— Jamie Rich, Sports Editor


Scorpion (CBS)

Imagine the characters from “The Big Bang Theory” transposed into a season of “24” — that’s the basic premise of Scorpion, which airs at 9 pm Saturday.  One imagines the crummy time slot was chosen with the assumption that no one who has any real interests would ever watch it.  The pilot was full of improbable ultra-nerdy characters, ridiculous government agents, unbelievable plot twists, and even a token American housewife.  If you’re actually home on a Saturday night with nothing to do, you might try watching Sham-Wow infomercials instead.

Mr. Flachsbart, Faculty Advisor


Forever (ABC)

Dr. Henry Morgan is the Sherlock Holmes of the New York City Medical Examiner’s office, and he’s been examining corpses and solving crimes for almost three centuries.  Yes, that’s right, three centuries.  Morgan has an almost improbable curse that makes the plot more unbelievable than BBC’s Sherlock, yet it encompasses a storyline that is believable and extremely gripping.  It has great promise as Morgan works with the NYPD to study almost unsolvable murders, and faces a possible lead to the reason behind his curse when a mysterious character claims to have the same eternal powers.  I would recommend this show to anyone who loves detective-based cop dramas, as well as to the Sherlock Holmes fanatics of our generation.

Porter Bowman, School News Editor


Madame Secretary (CBS)

CBS’ new drama Madam Secretary takes over a primetime spot on Sunday nights this fall, and its hype has not been backed up or justified after the first few episodes of the season.  The show stars Tea Leoni as the newly-elected Secretary of State and is portrayed as a strong female character with a strong morale and respectable leadership qualities.  Despite the strong leading lady, the plotline is very obvious and predictable and has a lack of drama throughout the events of the episode.  Overall, it is a strong addition to the genre of political affairs shows, but fails to live up to such shows as House of Cards or Homeland.

Porter Bowman, School News Editor


Scandal (ABC)

Everyone’s favorite fixer, Olivia Pope, has returned to the silver screen. The hit series Scandal, created by Shonda Rhimes has began it’s much anticipated fourth season as of Thursday, September 26th. Since the show first aired April 5, 2012, viewers have followed the dramatic life of the most powerful people in the country and those who help them run it. The show provides a much more diverse variety of people than many other political thrillers of its kind, which is a reason that it is so appealing to the public, as well as the twist and terms of the dramatic lives behind the fictional leaders of the United States of America. This season, We see that the character Harrison Wright, played by Columbus Short, has been killed off. The reason we will no longer be seeing Short’s character is because he has been accused of assaulting his wife and the producers and Rhimes have decided to no longer have him or his character present on the show. Aside from Harrison’s murder, viewers have many unanswered questions waiting to be answered this season. We hope to find out what will become of Olivia and Fitz’s relationship as well as if the O.P.A. Gladiators will reunite throughout the season.

Lily Williams, Staff Writer

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