The Morality of Drone Strikes Against ISIS

In these past few weeks, many militarily-empowered nations have taken an offensive stand against one of the most aggressive terrorists organizations facing our world today, the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham, or ISIS.  The United States and Great Britain have each put their own defense policies into action by taking some of their most advanced weapons in the armed forces against their formidable opponent.

ISIS is focused on creating an Islamic caliphate led by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, independent of any recognized country in the Middle East, which they have claimed, and are currently in control of.  ISIS has spread to areas of Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Algeria, and Libya, and may continue to move its operations to several other Middle Eastern nations.

The original proposition to engage in airstrikes was presented by President Barack Obama on August 8th, and the US Defense Department, in cooperation with the State Department and the rest of the executive branch, have worked to put an extensive plan in action in recent months.  The brutal executions by ISIS and the innocent murders of citizens of the Middle East have caused these world superpowers to come up with an offensive plan to fight the terrorist organization.




After the taking of the Haditha Dam in Iraq, the decision was made to enforce their drone plan, and several drones were sent to the area, striking ISIS forces and eventually driving back their armies.  This successful train of events led to continued strikes not just by the United States, but now by countries such as Great Britain and Turkey.

This action helped continue the debate of the morality of killing people in drone strikes without a criminal trial.  Though it is agreed that many, if not all, of the members of ISIS have joined for reasons to harm the United States and other high ranking nations, many argue it is still necessary to revert to the “innocent until proven guilty” concept.

With issues such as Ebola being an easier topic of conversation in our society, we need to recognize the threat of ISIS and what this organization represents on a global scale.

Drone strikes continue to be a reliable source to diminish a threat such as ISIS, and may help the Western world deal with threats to their own people held in captivity.  Hopefully with these drone strikes, the current terror force which is ISIS will be reduced and they will be driven out of the Middle East by the end of the decade.


— Porter Bowman, School News Editor

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