Meet the New Faculty

The Sentinel tracked down our new SLS upper-school faculty to learn more about them and their hopes for the coming year at St. Luke’s.

Mrs. Jochem

By: Colette Juran, Staff Writer

Whether she is tending to her immense vegetable garden or analyzing the natural world, Mrs. Jochem, another new addition to the powerhouse team of Biology teachers, does it with wit and energy.

After many years of teaching at Wooster, another Connecticut private school, where she was Science Department Chair for 17 years, Mrs. Jochem joins St. Luke’s this fall to gain a new perspective on teaching, learning, and technology.

Although her former school is similar to St. Luke’s in many ways, there is one substantial difference: St. Luke’s efforts to integrate technology into both the classroom and daily life.

Mrs. Jochem notes that she is excited to learn more about the bevy of new technologies she has been given to opportunity to work with, such as the Apple TV’s, SmartBoards, the 1 + 1 program, and the student management website tools.

She is also eager to utilize the facilities provided by her department in the new science wing. Her biology students should look forward to an innovative unit on Ecology in which Mrs. Jochem, an avid gardener and creator of intricate terrariums sold at craft fairs, has a fundamental interest even outside of school.

Her love of nature extends further as Mrs. Jochem frequently hikes with a group of friends in the vast forests of New England and is captivated by the nature trails that run through the heart of the Hilltop.

St. Luke’s welcomes Mrs. Jochem and is excited to see her contributions to our small school unfold!


Mr. Sanderson

By:  Colette Juran, Staff Writer

In 2014-15 school year, the St. Luke’s community is proud to welcome one of the newest additions to the biology department, Mr. Sanderson.

Mr. Sanderson began his teaching journey as a TA for college sophomores at UConn in Hartford, Connecticut. Prior to that Mr. Sanderson studied pathobiology (the study of public health problems, especially those arising from infectious diseases), which inspired him to share his proficiency in biology with the next generation.

With the knowledge he gained from his teaching experiences at the collegiate level, Mr. Sanderson is able to appreciate the collaborative and non-competitive learning environment cultivated by the St. Luke’s community – as well as the energetic nature of his 9th grade general biology class. He also values his students’ genuine interest in learning, which they demonstrate through their curiosity and ambition each and every day.

In addition to his educational pursuits, Mr. Sanderson directs his athletic talents into coaching junior varsity soccer and baseball. Coincidently, when Mr. Sanderson was a high school student at the Taft School, he played against the St. Luke’s baseball team on numerous occasions.

Mr. Sanderson’s athletic interests are not limited to baseball and soccer, but also include running, mountain biking, and just generally doing anything outdoors.

Be sure to give Mr. Sanderson a warm welcome when you see him in the hallways of the new science building!


Ms. Bielski

By: Lily Williams, Staff Writer

The Sentinel sat down with history teacher Ms. Bielski to learn more about her past and to hear hear her thoughts as one of the newest members of the SLS community.

Ms. Bielski was looking for a small school with rigorous academics and found St. Luke’s to be a great fit. So far, Ms. Bielski really likes working with both the faculty and her students.

Commenting on her colleagues in the history wing and throughout the school, she said that “make me laugh everyday and have been really welcoming.”

Ms. Bielski is teaching ninth grade World History I and coaching JV and Varsity volleyball this year, which is a change from what she was doing previously: teaching in Italy at the American Overseas School of Rome. SLS is very different from her former school, mainly in that most of the students are American and there is always coffee in her office (what she called “an added bonus”).

Ms. Bielski has been all over the world, traveling to over 60 countries so far. Apart from traveling, Ms. Bielski enjoys SCUBA diving, playing the marimba, and going to museums. For her education, Ms. Bielski went to University of Michigan and got her B.A. in Political Science and History and then went on to get her Masters in International Diplomacy at Norwich University.

Whether she is helping the girls on Varsity Volleyball perfect their spike or teaching about Caesar’s conquests of Gaul, Ms. Bielski is a fantastic addition to the St. Lukes community.


Dr. Sosa

By: Lily Williams, Staff Writer

The Hilltop welcomes another new face, Dr. Sosa. Dr. Alfredo Sosa is teaching five different upper school Spanish classes this year and is also coaching Middle School squash. Prior to SLS, Sosa taught at Southern Connecticut State University for two years. He has only taught at the college level, and is enjoying the change. Dr. Sosa has been “looking for students to be more engaged, and that’s harder to find in college.” In particular, he has found that the students at St. Lukes are much more eager to learn and participate than any other students he has taught before. Another way St. Lukes is different from other schools is how “all of the classes are equally important and have goals, goals that the students participate in achieving, and are happy to do so.”

A fun fact from Dr. Sosa is that while he was born in Venezuela, he was raised in Spain. He has attended three different universities for his college education – first the Autonomous University of Madrid for his Bachelor of Arts in History, then the University of Florida for his Masters in Spanish, and finally Cornell University for his doctorate in in Romance languages. When he’s not teaching, Dr. Sosa enjoys exploring around New York City where his lives, reading, cooking, and both playing and watching sports. We look forward to seeing much more from Mr. Sosa in the future!


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