Meet the Science Department

Join the Sentinel as we journey into each department here at St. Luke’s, to learn what we can about the teachers who make this community so unique. This week, the Sentinel sat down with the Science Department.

Mr. Mitchell, Dr.  Warner, and Mr. LeBris in front of the famous Chalkboard of Science.

Mr. Mitchell, Dr. Warner, and Mr. LeBris in front of the famous Chalkboard of Science.


Ms. Welsh

Sentinel: What’s the best way to spend a snow day?

Ms. Welsh: I usually catch up on reading and grading on snow days – or go sledding if there’s a good spot. If it’s a really good snow we go snow-shoeing.

Sentinel: What makes science special to you?

Ms.Welsh: I don’t find science any more special than any other discipline- I think English and history and language are fascinating too.

Sentinel: Have you always wanted to teach?

Ms. Welsh: Once I got to college, I found I really liked tutoring and teaching.  When I was a kid I think I wanted to be a fireman…


Mr. LeBris

Sentinel: Why do you hate cats so much?

Mr. LeBris: I don’t actually “hate” cats at all, in fact my parents had several cats that I was quite fond of, albeit allergic to.  I actually really enjoy cats – well, depending on how they’re cooked.

Sentinel: What is it about Chemistry that you enjoy so much?

Mr. LeBris: I love the difficulty of the subject; it takes a special kind of thinking to tackle the problems correctly and when done right it’s a thing of beauty.  It’s also a super-powerful science and is really the central science as it branches into so many other domains.  I enjoy the actual teaching aspect of chemistry because of the endless tears it brings my students: music to the old man’s ears.

Sentinel: Favorite breakfast food?

Mr. LeBris: Um, no brainer here: that would be two fried eggs (yolks cooked through please), four pieces of crispy bacon, two slices of white American cheese nicely melted, and ample Frank’s Hot Sauce piled high on a wedge.  Heaven on a bun!


Mr. Mitchell

Sentinel: If you could invent anything what would it be?

Mr. Mitchell: I can’t give away my secrets in a newspaper!

Sentinel: What first got you interested in physics?

Mr. Mitchell: I wasn’t interested in physics – or teaching for that matter – until my junior or senior year of college.  I was a mechanical engineering major through graduate school, but I taught a summer school physics course at Horace Mann School and became interested in teaching.  After graduate school, I taught math in New York City and decided I wanted to teach physics since it was a practical application of mathematics.  The rest is history.

Sentinel: Describe the science department in one word.

Mr. Mitchell: Epic.


Dr. Warner

Sentinel: If you sing with any singer in the world for coffeehouse, who would it be?

Dr. Warner: Since you said “singer,” I assume AJ Bandoo is off the table.  I’d go with Norah Jones.  She’s not my favorite artist in the world, but I think we’d sound good together, especially with her on piano.

Sentinel: If you could meet any scientist (alive or dead) who would it be?

Dr. Warner: Albert Einstein.  He was able to make huge changes to science by thinking very simply, but just a little differently than his contemporaries.

Sentinel: Do you have a favorite TV show?

Dr. Warner: Friday Night Lights.  I watch it every year to get pumped up for coaching 5th/6th grade football.  Clear eyes, full hearts–can’t lose!

— Megan Evershed, World News Editor

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