A New After-School Activity: Makers’ Club

Recently, a new club has formed here on the Hilltop, called the Maker’s Club. This organization allows fifth-graders – who have hitherto never had an actual club through which to voice their love of invention and exploration – to express their more innovative side.

Currently, the Maker’s Club has taken on the entertaining task of creating a prank that they would want to use on their brothers and sisters. As you can imagine, this fun and enjoyable project allows the students’ imaginations to go wild. Applying a system called “Makey-Makey,” the students are able to wire a microcontroller to use and test their inventions.

Fifth graders hard at work.

Fifth graders hard at work.

Other intriguing aspects of the Maker’s Club are the two 3D printers and the laser woodcutter available in their Marker Lab. These can be used in all sorts of creative ways: for instance, the students are able to design something on “Tinkertad”, an online designing program, and send it to the 3D printer to bring their design to life. “You can print things like a face, the Eiffel Tower, and the Statue of Liberty”, explained one of the fifth graders in the club.

The woodcutter, however, is only used to make basic puzzles – at least, this will be the case until the students become a bit more experienced. As Ms. Garnett, one of the teacher advisors, has said, “the Maker’s Club takes the most recent technology then develops and applies it to the fun of inventing. They [the students] are not at the programming level yet, but they’re getting there.”

Right now the club is in an early growth phase, and both the teachers and the students are happily adjusting to a field previously unexplored by St. Luke’s. When asked about his feeling towards the new club, Vincent DiTeodoro ’21 says he remembers making things in Mr. Chuhta’s science class and he loving it. He expressed how grateful he is that the club was established, as he is now able to invent things that are fun and enjoyable and he “really loves it here” at school.

— Josie Williams, Staff Writer

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