Student and Faculty Poll: 1 + 1 Program

ME and MG Poll

Recently, St. Luke’s unveiled the addition of the 1 + 1 program for the upper school. Come 2017, every student will have a school-distributed Macbook Air and iPad. The Sentinel polled students and faculty to see if they thought the program was going to be a good addition for the school.      

70% of students didn’t like it. “Going paperless is less preferable, no matter how convenient people think it is,” said one student, “We should be working towards more human interaction, not avoiding it.” Of the 30% that did enjoy it, most were excited to have less books to lug home. One student said, “I have too many books as it is, so getting rid of a couple of those would make my life a lot easier.”

On the contrary, 73% of teachers liked the program. Mr. Shee, most audibly, shouted “YES!!!” when asked. Of the 19% of teachers that disliked the program, most were English teachers. One said, “I don’t want my students to think in the linear fashion that technology requires. I want them to think all over the place, finding connections everywhere.”

Only time will tell how the program will be incorporated into our St. Luke’s community, but it is sure to be an interesting period of development.

— Megan Evershed, World News Editor, & Monika Gabriele, School News Editor

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