Throwback Thursday: Winter is Coming

cars 1988

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 14– As the St. Luke’s community was so rudely reminded earlier this week, as the snow began to fall and the Service Symposium seemed to be briefly in danger of being curtailed for the second year in a row, winter is coming to the Hilltop.

In 1988, St. Luke’s was also in the grip of an early, and hard, winter, which created a few harrowing situations for new student drivers driving to and from school. As the student body wrote in that year’s Caduceus:

This year’s winter has been very brutal on St. Luke’s drivers and their cars. There have been many icy days that have caused accidents. For example students have hit trees, telephone poles, wheels, buses, other cars and some people have gone off the road. Though there have been many accidents, no one has beenseriously hurt.

Hopefully this year’s senior class will have a safer time of it!

(Photography from the 1988 Caduceus)

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