A Blow-Out Weekend on the Hilltop

After a week of hype to get ready for last Friday’s bonfire before Saturday’s football game versus King, students were sadly disappointed when New Canaan Fire Department officials decided to end the festivities after only a matter of minutes. Near gale-force winds, risky ambient air quality standards, and almost week without rain made the marshal’s gloomy decision definitely justifiable.

The dry, gray weather of Friday morning and afternoon hinted at the chance of a cancellation, but the fire department decided to withhold any decisions and go on with the fire. Once lit, the fire roared for about fifteen minutes before officials put it out and left the student government to formulate a Plan B.

St. Luke's students watch the short-lived bonfire.

St. Luke’s students watch the short-lived bonfire.

Liz Kremer told the Sentinel, “When I got to the bonfire the actual bonfire part was over so I was slightly disappointed. However, student government did manage to play a movie, Remember the Titans, which was a great way to put me in the mood for Saturday’s game.” After the movie, many students attended the fall production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream that was shown on both Friday and Saturday

Andrew Frattaroli, sophomore on the varsity football team, told Sentinel, that “Though the fire itself was short lived, it was great to see so many people come out and show school spirit. It got our team amped up for our big game at King the following day.” Such spirit surely paid off when the Storm had an amazing overtime victory the following Saturday afternoon.

After a tough first half, SLS was down 21-10. They managed to tie it up at 24-24 in the last few minutes, pushing the game into overtime. In overtime, the Vikings scored again with the extra point, coming out to 31-24. At first and goal, the Storm had four chances left to score. Bryan Latorraca, senior captain, scored another touchdown, making it 31-30 them. Finally, SLS went for the 2 point conversion, to either win or lose the game. J.B. Boggs, junior on the team, scored the final point, putting the Storm on top with a final score of 31-32. As the Storm’s last game for the season, it was a fantastic way to remember the team’s victory and spirit.

Eloise Somersby, junior class representative, put the exciting weekend into words, saying that “the flame still flickers in my mind today and I hope we can reignite it again soon on the upper field, bringing everyone together under the majestic night sky.”

— Monika Gabriele, School News Editor

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