Throwback Thursday: Katia Ramsey ’72

first sls girl

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 31– In the early seventies, St. Luke’s went through same major changes. In 1970, headmaster James Jacob (who had taught on the Hilltop since 1953) stepped down, and SLS athletics took on the name “Crusaders” after a competition organized by his successor, James M. White. In 1971, St. Luke’s became a not-for-profit institution under the governance of a Board of Trustees, and two students, Gregory Perry and James Smith II, became the first African-American students to graduate from the School.

It was in this climactic year (which also saw the appointment of another new headmaster, Eric Moore), that St. Luke’s School first became coeducational. The first girl to apply to St. Luke’s was Grace Frasca (now Grace Fulljames) in 1970, and when she was allowed to enroll in September 1971, she was joined by two other students: Nancy Turner and Katia Ramsey (now Katia Read).

Katia became the first female St. Luke’s graduate in June 1972, thus paving the way for a coeducational student body. According to the most recent numbers available, the SLS student body is currently 46% female.


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