StormStyle Special Edition: Spirit Week!

This edition of StormStyle is a special one, because this past week was Spirit Week!

There were many, many students who might have been featured in this week’s special post post, but a few students really brought their A-game. On Tuesday, which was Neon Day, four senior boys (Doug Butman, Christian Duncan, Ben Sagalyn, and Ben Lavietes) came to school dressed in a wide array of vivid colors.

The next day, Safari Day, many outfits roared for attention, but those of Clare Livingston ’14, and Eloise Somerby ’15 really stood out. Clare and Eloise really dressed to the nines: Clare in head-to-toe tiger print and Eloise in a full safari one-suit.

Thursday, Career Day, gave rise to the most creative outfits. Riley Vaske ’14 dressed up as a “furloughed government worker” in light of the recent government shutdown. Somewhat more lightheartedly, sophomore Josh August came in to school as popular rapper Trinidad James.

The last day of the week was, as always, Sprit Day. All students showed support for SLS, but Grace Hennemueth ’14, Maddie Jodka ’14, and Meagan Maguire ’14 really stood out in their choice of Storm gear.

While these students have been singled out for special “props” from StormStyle, we would like to congratulate everyone who came out so  strongly in the name of school spirit, and compliment the wide variety of amazing costumes we saw this year.

— Amber Calhoune and Tunde Johnson, Contributing Writers

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