Von Fabrice House Suffers Defeat

Excitement on the Hilltop has been building since President Ben Decatur ’14 announced that Field Day would be the first in a series of academic, artistic, and athletic events in the Founder’s Cup competition. Last week saw the first round of the quiz bowl, an academic challenge in which contestants answer questions in order to gain points. This first round pitted members of the Von Fabrice House against members of the Oliphant House against each other in a jeopardy like battle to the death (or round two.)

Mr. Von Fabrice, namesake of Von Fabrice House, who might well have been shocked by their double-digit loss to Oliphant.

Mr. Von Fabrice, namesake of Von Fabrice House, who might well have been shocked by their double-digit loss to Oliphant.

Members were carefully selected through a rigorous process: volunteering. The senior leaders for the two teams were Mac Zech (Von Fabrice) and Liza Epprecht (Oliphant.)

The game started strong for the Von Fabrice House as they quickly racked up points. However, their joy did not last long as the final question lost them all eleven of them. The Von Fabrice team failed to name as many faculty children as the Oliphant team, therefore seeing the downside of an “all or nothing” wager. “I blame my teammates and all my high school teachers up to this point for my failure last Tuesday,” said Zech. “There’s no excusing them for this failure.”

Megan Evershed ’15 had a more positive outlook on the event saying, “it was a great community experience.” (Her attitude may be attributed to her win as the junior representative for the Oliphant team.)

The Von Fabrices may have suffered a loss early on; however Zech remains confident in his team. “Bowed but not broken, staggered but not slain, we fight on for the glory of Mr. Von Fabrice and the everlasting legacy that comes from winning the Founders’ Cup. This isn’t going to be an easy one to bounce back from… it’s a rocky road to recovery… and I just hope ‘Von Fabrics’ will be able to come out of this with the Cup.”

The next quiz bowl victory will be fought for by the Kidd team and the Blakely team. One of the Blakely House Field Day faculty leaders, Mr. Griffa has high hopes for the team as he has assumed the role of team cheerleader. It may be unclear now as to whom the victor will be; however one thing is for sure: the Founders’ Cup is off to a great start this year.

— Riley Vaske, Staff Writer

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