An Update on the New Addition

For the past four weeks of school, students have been walking past constant drilling and cement pouring. Unfortunately, we’re going to have to get used to doing this: construction will be going on for another seven months. Building the new addition, which will include four new science labs, prep rooms, office space, and a black box theater, is a ten-month project that, once completed, will allow students to experience a transformed curriculum in their science studies. Incredibly, this is only stage one of the building committee’s master plan. This larger expansion project, however, will not be complete for a couple of years, depending on fundraising for the future phases.

Thus far, construction on the new science wing is on schedule, with the steel scheduled to arrive on September 30. Once delivered, the steel will go up and finally give students a sense of what exactly the new addition is going to look like. Inside the building, there will be Harkness tables in each classroom and labs on the outskirts. In the hallways, there will be small meeting areas with chairs and tables where students can meet with teachers or do homework. These alcoves will be lined with white-board material so students can do practice problems and exercises. New Addition

“When we were looking at the spatial design,” said Mrs. Gabriele, co-chair of the building committee, “we really wanted the hallways to function as more than just hallways. We wanted it to be a space where students could gather and collaborate.”

The classrooms themselves will be primarily for Upper School students, but the addition is sure to become a common area for all students, even more so because of the black box theater being built below. The theater, which will be accessible via a small hallway near the WSLX studio, will seat one-hundred and fifty people and will eventually be outfitted with a tech space similar to that found in the Seldin Center. “It’s going to provide great flexible space for theater groups and after school activities to rehearse,” Mrs. Gabriele told the Sentinel.

In addition to the science wing, a new entrance is also being built. The new walkway will feature a vestibule with a small reception area. The four pillars that hold up the portico will be inscribed with the core values of the Honor Code, and will connect the traditional entrance with the hallway to the new science classrooms. In front of the entrance, the Sentinel has been told, will be a “plaza area with seating and planters,” bringing back to the Hilltop the glory days of eating in the courtyard.

“This is an exciting new chapter for St. Luke’s community and really captures the focus on STEM studies,” says Mrs. Gabriele. Students and teachers alike are excited to finally be able to accept this new addition as a piece of their home. It will surely be a valuable addition to St. Luke’s academia and will no doubt reinvigorate our mission as St. Luke’s students to “Enter to Learn.”

— Monika Gabriele, School News Correspondent

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